How Burn Boot Camp Empowers a Community of Women Across More Than 185 Locations
How Burn Boot Camp Empowers a Community of Women Across More Than 185 Locations

The explosive fitness concept encourages women to take care of their mental and emotional health through physical activity, offers free childwatch to support its efforts

Finding the time and energy to make it to the gym can be incredibly difficult. The task can become even more difficult when the gym offers a lackluster, cookie-cutter approach to fitness. At  Burn Boot Camp, a 187-plus unit franchise system, members are not only eager to work out, but they think of the gym as a community.

The brand came from humble beginnings in a Charlotte parking lot. High school sweethearts turned husband-and-wife team Devan and Morgan Kline had one primary goal for Burn Boot Camp – to create an exercise sanctuary for women.

With minimal resources or connections, the couple set out to make an impact on their community with some equipment and the pavement.

“We are a lifestyle brand that empowers women globally to love themselves today and be inspired by who they will be tomorrow,” said Devan, Burn Boot Camp’s co-founder and CEO. “The goal was to create a community of empowered women that could transcend the physical nature of exercise to get emotional health and mental clarity benefits.”

Each Burn Boot Camp member receives nutrition guidance and focus meetings with their primary trainer, but the goals they set are not tied to a number on the scale or a specific body fat percentage. Instead, goals are based on members taking care of themselves. The team suggests that members commit to getting into the gym three to six times per week and set a plan in action to take time for themselves so they can better serve their families. To that effect, the brand even offers complimentary, onsite childwatch services.

“We know that finding childcare can be difficult, not to mention expensive, and it’s often used as an excuse for why moms can’t get to the gym,” said Morgan, Burn Boot Camp co-founder and COO. “We wanted to remove that hurdle so that moms can take care of themselves, feel good about themselves, and set a good example for their children to shows the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.”

But it’s not just the childwatch that sets Burn Boot Camp apart. The Klines have truly created an unmatched fitness experience. Its trainers are friendly and motivating, regularly walking around the room encouraging and high-fiving members. The example set by the Burn Boot Camp team trickles down to its community of members, who support and hold each other accountable.

As members became fanatical and wanted to open their own locations, the brand started franchising in February 2015 and now has more than 187 open locations  and 165 more locations in development across 35 states. The 200th location will open in March, and the company plans to open its 300th location by the end of 2019. Roughly 75 percent of the brand’s franchisees began as members who wanted to open their own gym to have the ability to touch the lives of more women. Currently, there are 64,000 members embracing the female-focused, empowering camps, and by the end of the year, Devan and Morgan are hoping to have another 30,000 members join their Burn Boot Camp community.

“We are incredibly proud that our brand has a soul, a mission behind it. We have a great story. We want to continue the trajectory that we’re on and find franchisees who match our intensity and passion and can help us pour gasoline on the fire we’ve created,” Devan said. “We are creating communities of women across the world by empowering them to empower each other achieve their health and wellness goals together.”

Through it all, the brand plans to always keep its origins in mind and never lose sight of its main goal: empowering women of all body types with individual health goals by providing a safe and supportive community.


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