Why Burn Boot Camp Awarded 40% of Its Locations to Existing Franchise Partners Last Year
Why Burn Boot Camp Awarded 40% of Its Locations to Existing Franchise Partners Last Year

The dedication of the fitness brand’s owners leads the charge in creating lasting change for their membership base.

Burn Boot Camp is catching on like wildfire. As the brand’s members double, new gyms are opening around the clock to accommodate them—in fact, the franchise is on pace to cross the 300 unit mark by the end of the year

Burn Boot Camp’s Franchise Partners are an extraordinarily passionate bunch, committed to fulfilling the brand’s mission of igniting a global health transformation. That’s why 40% of the franchise locations Burn Boot Camp awarded last year went to existing owners within the system. The dedication of Burn Boot Camp’s partners leads the charge in creating lasting change for their membership base. 

“We don't refer to our owners in the typical nomenclature of ‘franchisee’; we call them Franchise Partners for a reason,” said Jolene Purchia, Burn Boot Camp’s Vice President of Franchise Development. “We are dedicated to growing alongside them, flourishing together to empower and impact the communities we serve.”

By investing in the power of women, Franchise Partners invest in themselves, too. “Financial freedom, along with the fulfillment of changing lives firsthand, becomes a strong catalyst to expand their empire and sign on for additional units,” said Purchia.

Tom Wylie is one such multi-unit Franchise Partner. Wylie has units open in Lexington, Kentucky; Mason, Ohio; and Cincinnati-Hyde Park, Ohio, with two more locations set to open by the end of the year.

“Initially, the brand economics were very enticing to us as investors, as the cost to open is reasonably low, a limited employee base is needed, and we felt it was fulfilling a void in the market with the consistent approach to positivity, community, and nutrition,” said Wylie. 

Burn Boot Camp startup costs range from $148,830 to $353,150 with a $40,000 franchise fee for one license and $100,000 for a three-unit deal. For Wylie, that low investment was bolstered by the personally fulfilling mission of the franchise. 

“The brand has created a culture that is unlike any that I’ve ever seen in franchising, and I’ve been in other brands for over 13 years,” he said. “Passion for the brand is what leads this growth, and they have truly embodied a ‘one wins, we all win’ mentality that permeates throughout their community.”

When a partner grows quickly and decides to expand, the franchise development team works together to assess available markets while deploying the real estate team to find the best locations. “It is this hand-in-glove approach that allows for incredible growth opportunities within our organization,” said Purchia.

As a rapidly growing company, Burn Boot Camp still has prime territories available throughout the U.S. and Canada. These untapped markets offer a real opportunity for business owners to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of communties.

“I think the biggest benefit to being a multi-unit franchise partner is truly changing the fitness culture within an entire community. If it’s a larger city, more locations are needed, and the energy they create feeds the culture,” said Wylie, adding that he’s been able to groom future Head Trainers and Operations Managers through owning multiple locations. “It has allowed us to continue to grow and adjust our business, and has given us a collaborative approach where staff can communicate and share best practices on client fulfillment between gyms.”

With over 200 open locations and another 200 in various stages of development, Burn Boot Camp is slated to have 1,000 total locations awarded by 2021. 

For more information on franchising with Burn Boot Camp, visit https://franchise.burnbootcamp.com/.


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