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Business Owners and Managers Must Hold Themselves Accountable

Here are the traits you need to cultivate to be an effective leader.

To be a successful leader, you must hold yourself accountable. People who are accountable tend to:

  • Take on responsibility and manage it well.
  • Actively work toward the end goal.
  • Exhibit ethical, honest and transparent behavior.
  • Be trustworthy and humble, and they readily apologize when they're in the wrong.
  • Do the right thing, even when it is more difficult or will be personally and/or professionally disadvantageous.
  • Seek continuous improvement through feedback from others and self-review.

People who are not accountable tend to:

  • Make excuses or waste time playing the blame game.
  • Let someone else take the fall for their failings.
  • Allow hurdles to deter them.
  • Repeatedly express unfairness in their treatment and as the cause for their shortcomings.