Businesses can turn to pigs to bring home the bacon
Businesses can turn to pigs to bring home the bacon

Franchises making use of America’s favorite pork product.

If the Internet were a food, it would be bacon. More specifically, it would be a cat eating bacon while wearing a nonsensical t-shirt, but you get the picture (it seriously took me all of two seconds to find the above video –this is the world we live in).

In the series of wires and tubes that your grandparents assume make up the Internet, nothing holds quite as much cultural cache on the food front as that lovely pork product. And according to Technomic, that isn’t likely to change any time soon.

“Even with health and wellness trends top-of-mind with consumers, indulgent bacon continues to provide opportunities for innovation and appeal to menus,” Technomic’s Darren Tristano wrote on the research firm’s official blog. “Innovation can be built on preparation, spice profiles and mixing the salty, smoky and savory flavor of bacon with sweet and hot. There seems to be no end to the bacon trend, and we continue to see innovation across the restaurant landscape.”

Don’t believe it? Just look at Little Caesars for proof. The franchise debuted a bacon-wrapped pizza in February that got plenty of play online, whether of the “OMG I WANT IT!” or “HOLY CRAP THIS IS WHY AMERICA IS SO FAT” variety.

Citing data from Information Resources, USA Today recently reported that domestic bacon sales have risen for five years straight, reaching the $4 billion mark.

It’s enough for any franchise to start considering ways to fill their piggy banks by incorporating a little more pork into their business plans.