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Caring Transitions Franchisee Helps Client Sell a 4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Figurine on CTBids

The online estate sales and auction platform provides franchisees like Andy Beard in Augusta,Georgia, with a one-of-a-kind revenue stream and the ability to uncover and showcase hidden treasures.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 07/15/24

While helping a client clean out her late parents’ home, Andy Beard, a Caring Transitions franchisee in Augusta, made a remarkable discovery.

“I actually have a museum degree and was a museum director for seven years before Caring Transitions,” said Beard. “My background helps me in many different aspects of Caring Transitions, and this is definitely one of them.”

What they had found was an Egyptian figurine, possibly made of glazed pottery or stone and standing 8.5 inches tall with its wooden stand. Alongside it was a photo taken to document the item that read “Egyptian Ushabti ~4,000 yrs old.” The figurine was part of an estate filled with unique collectibles from around the world. 

“The client contacted us after her parents passed away, leaving behind an entire home of amazing collectibles,” said Beard. “She wanted a platform like CTBids to reach a special audience because she knew a local audience wouldn’t provide the reach she needed. This sale was very unique with some absolutely amazing finds.”

When Beard encountered the Egyptian figurine, he took exact measurements and intensive pictures, while also working with a professional appraiser before listing it on CTBids. 

“We put in extra effort to ensure our bidders were well-informed,” said Beard. “When I see special items like this, it excites me because I know they are unique. That brings a special touch to our sales — we can help people learn and find new homes for their treasured items.”

The auction of the Egyptian figurine was a major success, selling for over $2,000 to a buyer outside of Georgia. All the specialty items in the client’s sale sold for over $30,000 in total.

“It was very emotional for our client,” Beard said. “She wanted to find people who could cherish these items and continue the love and passion her parents had for them.”

Beard says the experience was a testament to the strength of CTBids as a distinct part of the Caring Transitions business model. Franchisees can arrange and host in-person or online estate sales through the proprietary platform, which has over 614,000 registered users and over 9 million views a month. They receive a portion of the liquidation sales to maximize their income. Ninety percent of all listed items on the platform are sold. 

“CTBids is so unique — there are no other companies that help others go through transitions like this,” said Beard. “The online auction platform adds a whole new level. By taking detailed pictures and doing thorough research, we are finding incredible items in people’s homes. Putting them on auction sites gives them a much broader audience.”

And since starting his Caring Transitions franchise in early 2020, Beard says CTBids has been instrumental in his growth. 

“When COVID came up, for example, we had to figure out how to survive and succeed,” he said. “CTBids allowed us to do online auctions, which helped us reach our revenue goals. We reached the million-dollar mark in our third year, and we're on track to hit $2 million this year.”

Caring Transitions offers a comprehensive suite of services that go far beyond just auctions. Franchisees like Beard help seniors relocate by spending time at their homes, packing and organizing their belongings, then moving those belongings to the new home and setting them up in a way that feels comfortable and familiar.

“We do clean-outs, donations, trash removal, packing and move management — anything our clients need,” said Beard. “Our number one goal is to ensure our seniors and families can transition without stress.”

Overall, Beard’s story is a powerful example of how CTBids provides franchisees with a unique and profitable revenue stream while making a meaningful impact on families during their life transitions. His passion for uncovering and preserving treasures, combined with the platform's broad reach, has not only driven the success of his franchise but also brought joy and relief to the clients he serves.

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