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How These Caring Transitions Franchisees Made $1 Million by Helping Families in Their Area Care for Loved Ones as They Age

With a vision that extends beyond mere growth to making a tangible difference, Caring Transitions offers a unique and fulfilling franchise opportunity in 2024.

If you ask any Caring Transitions franchisees why they love the brand, they may mention the financial aspect in passing, but the real reason, they’ll say, is the heartfelt mission to assist families during some of their most challenging times. As a result, this senior relocation, downsizing and estate sales franchise has become one of the most personally fulfilling and financially rewarding franchise opportunities out there right now. 

Here are a few stories that showcase the incredible impact Caring Transitions can have on both the community and the franchise owners.

Lisa Malvea: Leveraging Corporate Experience to Serve the Community

Lisa Malvea’s journey to becoming a Caring Transitions franchisee was driven by her personal experiences and extensive corporate background. After 35 years of corporate experience in companies like Procter & Gamble and private equity consulting, she wanted to make a meaningful difference in her community.

“My mother had Alzheimer’s, and my father had dementia — I realized I had to find a way to help people,” said Malvea. “Our culture is still learning how to age successfully and continue to enjoy your life as you get older. As I was evaluating what I wanted to do with my life, I started looking at how to enter the senior space.”

Malvea chose Caring Transitions for its established footprint, which allowed her to combine her business skills with her passion for helping seniors. “I could be a business owner, help local people, but also leverage all that business background I had,” she said. “It’s the fun of being a business owner, but you are also helping people.”

Transitioning from a personal residence to an assisted living facility represents a major life change that can be overwhelming for seniors and their families — a 2020 study highlighted relocating as the top stress-inducing life event, surpassing even divorce and marriage. Unlike standard moving services, which offer minimal support during this time, Caring Transitions offers comprehensive assistance, working closely with families to facilitate a smooth transition and help seniors settle into their new homes with ease.

Starting with two territories in Roswell, Georgia, Malvea’s business quickly flourished. “Four and a half years later, we’ve done 940 projects,” she said. “For me, there were three factors that got me to $1 million: my business experience, the scalability and adaptability of the business, and the booming senior services sector.”

Malvea’s hands-on approach and focus on customer service have been key to her success. “This is a customer-oriented business, so you have to know how to service customers,” she said. “We’re not taking food orders. We’re not sitting in the back office. We are in people’s homes helping them get to a better place. When they are in their new place, they feel safe, they have all their treasures and they are thanking us — that is really our privilege.”

Andy Beard: Combining Diverse Experience for Rapid Growth

Andy Beard’s path to Caring Transitions began with a diverse career in everything from museum direction and retail management to home health and senior living communities. His firsthand experience with seniors and their families highlighted the need for comprehensive transition services.

“I was working for an assisted living and memory care facility looking for resources to help families that wanted to move into senior living communities,” Beard said. “That’s where I read about Caring Transitions, and I thought it’d be so great, but they weren’t in the Augusta area. I went home every day to my wife and said, ‘We could help so many families.’ When I met Caring Transitions — and the office and the support — I knew it was going to be great. The marketing, the training, the support — with that help, I knew I could run a very strong business.”

With proven operating, marketing, coaching and technology systems, the Caring Transitions team is dedicated to providing franchisees with all of the support, training and resources they need to thrive in their market.

In January 2020, Beard launched his Caring Transitions franchise, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began. Despite the challenges, he adapted quickly, utilizing the CTBids platform for online auctions to sustain and grow his business.

“Our growth has been pretty rapid — we reached the million-dollar mark in our third year,” Beard said. “There are many different reasons we’ve been able to achieve that revenue goal. This year, we’ve set a $2 million goal, and we’ve put plans in place to achieve that goal.”

And a large portion of the Baby Boomer population is downsizing right now, Beard says, which makes the $832.8 billion senior care space a particularly hot market to be in. His commitment to providing comprehensive services, from space planning to online auctions to move management, has resonated with his community. 

“We can come in and take care of everything — it is a wonderful opportunity for families,” Beard said. “Our number one goal is to ensure our seniors and families can transition without stress. For us to have that service where I can meet with them, talk with them and give that trust that we can take care of everything for them — they are so thankful that we can do that. Everyone needs help with downsizing or knows someone going through that life transition, so it makes us a very special company.”

The Path to Success: Helping Communities and Achieving Financial Rewards

Malvea and Beard’s stories highlight the potential of Caring Transitions. By focusing on the needs of seniors and their families, they’ve built successful businesses that makes a significant impact in their communities. For those looking to make a difference in their communities while achieving significant financial rewards, becoming a Caring Transitions franchisee offers a unique and fulfilling opportunity to combine personal passion with a proven business model.

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