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How This Healthcare Professional is Changing Lives with Her Caring Transitions Franchise

With a franchisee network that is over 50% female, Rachel Rivera is one of many women entrepreneurs who have found an ideal business opportunity in Caring Transitions.

With a robust background in healthcare, Rachel Rivera spent 30 years as a hospital administrator, overseeing emergency room operations. However, like many others, she found herself at a crossroads in 2020, seeking a new path that would allow her to give back to the community in a more personal and meaningful way.

“I was tired of the hospital system and thought I could do something more,” Rivera said. “I worked with the city of Houston right during COVID, and I was the Incident Commander for COVID operations. It was a challenging time, but it made me think about what else I could do to help others.”

Driven by a desire to find a fulfilling career that would honor the memory of her father, who passed away from terminal cancer, Rivera explored various opportunities. She knew she wanted to make a difference but wasn't sure how. Then she discovered Caring Transitions

“I loved the concept immediately,” Rivera said. “I read through all the services they offered, and it really felt like this was something I could do.”

Caring Transitions, a franchise specializing in senior relocation, downsizing and estate sales, provided Rivera with the perfect platform to channel her compassionate nature and professional skills. Transitioning from a personal residence to an assisted living facility represents a major life change that can be overwhelming for seniors and their families — a 2020 study highlighted relocating as the top stress-inducing life event, surpassing even divorce and marriage. Unlike standard moving services, which offer minimal support during this time, Caring Transitions offers comprehensive assistance, working closely with families to facilitate a smooth transition and help seniors settle into their new homes with ease.

“We offer five different services, allowing us to talk with clients who have lost a loved one and help them sort everything out,” said Rivera. “These people are tired, drained and don’t know what to do — they just need guidance. That need makes me feel like I am honestly making a difference. You just have to have a caring heart and be able to empathize with what people are going through.”

Rivera’s real estate experience, spanning 17 years, also plays a crucial role in her success. "I could never use my realtor license like I wanted to because I was so busy with the hospital, but this is a cherry on top," she said. “I can work with clients who need my services and also take it a step further and work as a realtor. It's worked out wonderfully for me.”

Rivera officially opened Caring Transitions in Katy, Texas, in January 2022. “You have to put in the work and do a lot of planning,” she advised prospective franchisees. “If you can tag on with an owner to get the gist of everything and see how it flows, it can give you something to go on. We have been able to financially support our family on just this business by itself, which was always the dream.”

From day one, Rivera says she’s appreciated the comprehensive support system offered to franchisees. “I absolutely love that Caring Transitions provides you with a dedicated business coach,” she said. “They really hold your hand for the first year. They help to give you that little push, and because they are hands-on and have done the work themselves, that is very helpful.”

In terms of the culture of the brand, Rivera also highlights the unique position of Caring Transitions as a franchise that consists of over 50% women franchise owners. 

“Caring Transitions is a great business for women entrepreneurs,” said Rivera. “The estate sales industry, for example, is an industry that is understood and accepted for women business owners. It makes it that much more powerful as a female entrepreneur.”

Looking ahead, Rivera has ambitious plans for her business. “We want to be a resource for seniors — we are looking to grow the business into a brick-and-mortar building where we can provide all these resources under one roof,” she said. “When a senior is at a crossroads in their life and needs assistance, we want them to think of Caring Transitions.”

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