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Entrepreneurial Energy Powers This Wyoming Caring Transitions Franchise

Trisha Isais is taking her entrepreneurial journey to new heights by integrating her senior relocation, downsizing, and estate sale franchise with her established janitorial and real estate business.

Trisha Isais, a Caring Transitions franchisee based in Wyoming, comes from a robust background spanning banking, janitorial services and even running concession stands. Now, with the addition of Caring Transitions, the comprehensive downsizing, estate sales and relocation solutions franchise for seniors, Isais and her husband, Josh, have embarked on a franchise venture that not only complements their existing businesses but also profoundly impacts their community.

Isais' professional journey began in the banking industry, where she spent a decade before deciding to focus on raising her three sons. It was during this period that she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a successful janitorial company that has thrived for over 13 years. She also opened several concession stands at little league fields.

The decision to franchise with Caring Transitions came from a serendipitous moment. 

“Our local Caring Transitions operation was actually for sale — that is how we first heard about it,” said Isais. “But the more we learned about it, the more we thought it’d go great alongside our cleaning business. We were also at a point in our life where we wanted to make a bigger impact in our community, and the brand’s mission felt right.” 

As the nation’s largest provider of senior-relocation services, Caring Transitions is increasingly making waves in the $832.8 billion industry, as there are very few businesses specifically equipped to help seniors move from their homes to a care facility or to manage the relocation or sale of all personal belongings. Caring Transitions helps seniors relocate by spending time at their homes, helping them pack and organize their belongings, then moving those belongings to the new home and setting them up in a way that feels comfortable. 

Since purchasing the franchise in July 2019, Isais and her husband have not only integrated Caring Transitions seamlessly into their portfolio but have also expanded their services to include real estate as well. 

“If someone is relocating to a new community, for example, we can pack them up, clean up the house, get them resettled, handle online auctions, help sell the house — all of our businesses are connected in this way,” said Isais.

This holistic approach and synergy allows them to offer a comprehensive suite of services to clients, particularly seniors, undergoing life transitions.

Overall, franchising with Caring Transitions has proven to be a rewarding endeavor for Isais. She finds deep fulfillment in helping seniors transition smoothly to their new homes, ensuring their new spaces feel familiar and comforting. 

“It's very rewarding work, especially when we can help seniors settle into a new place and make it feel like home,” said Isais. “There have even been times when we’ve flown across the country with clients to help them with a move. There are a lot of rewarding aspects of this business. It's a huge accomplishment when we see relief and excitement from the families who were so overwhelmed before.”

Looking to the future, Isais envisions expanding their footprint within Wyoming by opening an office in Cheyenne to better serve the widespread territory. "We are doing a lot of traveling, so if we can get more offices open and get more crew running, that’d be great," she said.

Isais’ journey with Caring Transitions underscores the power of entrepreneurship to bridge personal passions with professional endeavors, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.

For passionate entrepreneurs interested in following a path similar to Isais’, Caring Transitions has identified these states as priorities for franchise development: Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont.

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