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Why This Realtor Chose to Open a Caring Transitions Franchise

Bridging the gap for seniors and their families transformed Dane Ramsden from just a realtor into a service provider addressing the emotional and logistical needs of senior transitions.

For Dane Ramsden, a seasoned real estate agent in metro Detroit with 20 years of experience, the decision to open a Caring Transitions franchise was not just a business move; it was a calling to better serve a segment of the community that often goes unnoticed — older adults. 

Ramsden’s real estate career had always involved serving the community, but it was his interactions with seniors forced to sell their lifelong homes that sparked a realization.

“I started to realize that, maybe a quarter of the time, a senior wasn’t selling their home by choice,” said Ramsden. “They were doing it, unfortunately, against their own will because their family needed them to move to a safer living space. As a realtor, my job was to sell the home for as much money as we could. I meant well, but I realized that I was inadequate in understanding the seniors’ needs and challenges. They were leaving their lifelong home — what type of mental or physical challenges were they facing?”

This gap in service led him to seek out partnerships that could better serve these clients' needs, eventually leading him to Caring Transitions.

Caring Transitions, known for its expertise in senior relocation, downsizing and estate sales, provided the perfect partnership for Ramsden. His collaboration with the local franchise began with networking and quickly evolved into a trusted and reliable relationship. He did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to purchase a Caring Transitions in his area to ensure the continuity of services for local seniors.

“During COVID-19, the previous local owner had an opportunity to go help other new Caring Transitions owners get started across the country,” said Ramsden. “That was going to leave a gap in my local community. So, we sprung into action.”

For Ramsden, incorporating Caring Transitions into his existing real estate business was a natural fit. The processes, training and systems provided by Caring Transitions made the integration seamless. This addition not only enhanced his business' service offerings but also allowed him to provide a more comprehensive and compassionate service to senior clients and their families.

“For realtors, it is very easy to add Caring Transitions into your portfolio,” said Ramsden. “The two businesses are really hand-in-glove. As a real estate agent, 15% of my business is from aging clients who could benefit from Caring Transitions. And I run an agency of 30-plus agents — so that is a lot of senior clients. Many of those seniors can’t get to family when they need to, so we are there to bridge that gap.”

Ramsden says his decision to become a Caring Transitions franchisee has brought unexpected benefits as well, including the ability to participate in estate sales. This aspect of the business has opened new avenues for networking, including learning the history of homes and meeting potential homebuyers. It has enriched his real estate business and allowed him to serve the community in a more meaningful way.

“It is really rewarding work,” Ramsden said. “Agents often think that helping someone buy their first home is the peak, but helping someone sell their last home is even more rewarding.”

Ramsden’s story is a powerful example for realtors looking to expand their business while making a positive impact on their communities. Caring Transitions offers a unique opportunity for realtors to diversify their services and provide critical support to a demographic that greatly needs it. 

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