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Carrie Luxem's #restaurantSTRONG CONTEST

Carrie Luxem's team shows support for the restaurant industry with prizes and gift offerings.

Let’s have some fun (and support the restaurant industry) shall we?!

You take a little time to show the RESTAURANT INDUSTRY some love and SUPPORT and the Carrie Luxem team will show you some love and PRIZES!

Starting on May 1st, and for two months, we are giving away thousands of dollars in prizes (local and national restaurant gift cards and merchandise/swag, copies of my book, Carrie Luxem annual memberships, #restaurantSTRONG shirts and hats, and a whole lot more!).

All you have to do is:

Starting today, and in May and June, post or share a restaurant industry focused message, picture, or video on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) supporting or highlighting a restaurant and/or their employees

Tag me on your post (@CarrieLuxem) on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

?Include the hashtag #restaurantSTRONG on every post!

Every time you do this, we will share your post on our social platforms AND you will be entered into a chance to win amazing prizes.

Let’s. Do. This!

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