Charlotte Residents to Bring Smoothie King to Spartanburg, S.C.
Charlotte Residents to Bring Smoothie King to Spartanburg, S.C.

Derek and Lavon Bullard have signed a multi-store deal with the New Orleans-based brand.

Charlotte residents Derek and Lavon Bullard recently signed a two-store contract with Smoothie King, a New Orleans-based brand that will enter the Spartanburg, South Carolina, market.

The couple is eagerly anticipating a 2016 opening date, dependent upon finding a real estate location that fits their qualifications.

“The real estate market here is really fair,” Derek told Spartanburg Herald-Journal. “There are a lot of development opportunities… We think Spartanburg is a good market… Everyone has been extremely supportive, and gone above and beyond. It confirms what we already believed about the area.”

Derek and Lavon bring years of hospitality and sales experience to their entrepreneurial venture with Smoothie King, and they are excited to add nearly 30 jobs to the Spartanburg economy.

The couple is already looking into expansion opportunities in Boiling Springs and Duncan, hoping to spread a brand they love throughout the state.

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