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Restaurant Business: Checkers & Rally’s Diversifying Restaurant Prototype with New Options

Checkers & Rally’s will be building restaurants out of shipping containers.

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSORED 12:12PM 12/20/16

Checkers & Rally's is changing directions in their restaurants design with newly announced design prototypes that shrink the restaurant footprint and go from the brand's signature two drive-thru lanes to one.

After consulting consumers, Checkers & Rally's announced two new designs, including one that uses old shipping containers as the structural base for the restaurants. The brand worked to incorporate the iconic elements that all Checkers & Rally's feature to give customers a familiar feeling even with a different structure. 

Consumers identify with the company trying to go green, but the shipping container prototype has a major challenge- growing demand for materials.

“There’s limited supply and a lot of demand for these repurposed containers. The facilities doing this manufacturing don’t have a lot of excess capacity.” 

Despite high demand the shipping container as well as the new on-site build design prototype save the franchisee both time and money in the development process. 

Development plans are underway in major markets across the country for the modular design while the company seeks a manufacturing for the shipping container models, but Durham is excited to jump in to developing the new Model 4.0.

“What’s great about containers is they’re a bit like Legos," said Durham of the prototype. "They’re a standard size and shape, so you kind of know what you’re going to get regardless of where you get it.”

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