Star Tribune: Checkers Looking To Expand Presence In Twin Cities
Star Tribune: Checkers Looking To Expand Presence In Twin Cities

The burger chain would like to open between 40 to 50 new locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul over the next year.

Checkers is looking at a large-scale expansion in Minneapolis and St. Paul, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
There is currently one Checkers location in the area, so the brand is searching for franchisees to help expand its presence in the Twin Cities. Potential franchisees need a minimum net worth of $750,000 and at least $250,000 in liquid assets, with a franchise fee of $30,000 per location for a 20-year term. The article states that the average initial investment comes in around $415,000.
Jennifer Durham, vice president of franchise development, told the Star Tribune about what separates Checkers from the competition.
“We tend to be a bit bolder than the flavors typically offered … like something you would make at home,” she said “We are looking for hardworking, middle class consumers who eat fast food.”
The brand, which currently has more than 800 locations, is looking to open 40 to 50 new restaurants in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area over the next year with roughly 25 planned for 2016 and 2017.
Durham also told the Star Tribune that Checkers is looking for franchisees with food experience and a knowledge of the area. She said that the average franchisee opens at least three locations, and that Checkers hopes to have three to five franchisees in the area in 2016.
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