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The 15-11 Top Franchise Websites: Which Ones Stand Out

These five sites draw in potential franchisees with appealing data, testimonials, videos and more.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 08/24/15

One of the best tools in a franchisor’s arsenal is the franchise website. It’s an easy and instantaneous way for potential franchisees to learn more about a brand and contact a franchise directly for more information about the next steps in franchising.

With a website holding so much power over the growth of a brand, it’s important that it stands out and provides users with as much information possible. Here are five franchise websites that go above and beyond.

Mosquito Joe
Mosquito Joe was one in a three-way tie for winner of the 1851 Franchise Development Website Awards. What makes this brand’s franchise website stand out from the crowd is its ease of use, usability, content and overall design aesthetic.

The homepage stays true to the pest control and management franchise’s overall look and feel. Visitors are greeted by testimonials, information about the company and an easy to use form for requesting information. The big, bold breadcrumb at the top of the site leads users to all relevant information while coaxing them toward requesting more franchising information. The contact information is very apparent, and the general information throughout the site is plentiful, featuring details on the investment, available markets and more.

Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants, Inc.
When it comes to business investments, it’s all about the numbers—that’s why Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants, Inc., puts the brand’s numbers front and center on its franchise website. Without even scrolling down the page, users see the average Return on Investment (ROI), an estimate of a year’s profits and initial franchisee fees.

Once users dig into the site’s content, they are given easy access to more details about ownership opportunities, available markets and design options. This is a great way to get users the information they need to know in a streamlined fashion. The website is also full of inspiring messages from the quick-service brand’s president, Rick Silva, and showcases the brand’s press.

Dunkin’ Donuts
The Dunkin’ Donuts brand personality shines through from the moment you click into the brand’s franchise website. The top scroll features general franchise information, highlights specific target markets and informs potential franchisees about combo franchise options available.

The rest of the simply designed franchise website gives users easy access to available markets, general brand information and the franchisee application process. Each link transports users to additional pages of clear and concise information. While the content is abundant, the copy is straightforward and also resonates with wholeheartedly interested prospective franchisees. Rounding out the site is a franchisee application bookending the tops and bottoms of ever page.

Sonic Drive In
If a picture says a thousand words, then video trumps all. Site visitors are led to a large video prompt as soon as they enter the Sonic Drive In franchise website. In addition, franchise information and an informational brochure are easily accessible and add depth to the already robust site.

When fans scroll down the page or click through the site’s many pages, the website serves as a great resource. Potential franchisees hear from learning more about the types of franchise opportunities available, users can have access to valuable brand information where they can learn more about this opportunity.

7-Eleven’s franchise website leads with inspirational messaging. Showcasing families, military professionals and business-focused images, the brand visually hooks in prospective franchisees. When users travel down the page’s continuous scroll, they are greeted with the “franchisease” concept, which is 7-Eleven’s way to let fans know franchising is easier with them.

Users are directed to learn more about the brand and franchise opportunities through the website’s use of white space, which visually guides potential franchisees toward relevant information. From learning about initial investments to seeing available opportunities and the benefits of becoming a 7-Eleven franchisee, this franchise website leaves no question unaddressed.

Veterans are also directly addressed on the page as a desired type of franchisee. The site highlights their reasons for seeking veterans and corroborates on how their training backs up the brand’s mission. In addition, the site does a great job of highlighting veteran opportunities and the franchise program’s recognition from other sites.

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