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The Daily Telegram: Checkers & Rally's Franchisees Invest in Restaurant Renovation to Boost Sales

The $50,000 renovation of the restaurant's exterior has been well-received by customers.

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SPONSORED 9:21PM 10/17/16

Phil and Sharon Servoss put $50,000 into their Checkers & Rally's exterior and it has been very well received.

"It has a newer and cleaner look," Phil Servoss said of the building and property. "Our customers and employees have both said they like it."

Checkers & Rally's Director of Franchise Development, Bruce Kim, mentioned renovations are happening all over the nation. There are currently 833 locations, with the oldest being renovated first.

Traffic has increased by 25% nationwide since the renovations.

"We've seen a boost in sales since last October when we finished the renovation," Servoss said. "So I think with the new look combined with our low prices and delicious food, I think we are offering a great product out here."

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