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Why Now Is the Time to Open CHOP5 in Phoenix, Arizona

The salad franchise is looking to enter Phoenix for the first time as it continues to bring its delicious and healthful meals to communities around the country.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 03/19/24

CHOP5 Salad Kitchen, an emerging salad franchise in the fast-casual health food segment, opened in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016, and immediately found a loyal following in the city. Created by a team of passionate business owners who collectively operate more than 400 franchised restaurants, CHOP5 was founded to fill a major gap in the market: healthy, fast-casual dining options created for franchisees. 

With a growing trend toward healthier eating habits, coupled with increased consumer awareness of health maintenance, there was a clear demand for flavorful and nutritious meals that catered to various dietary preferences. But unlike some popular salad chains that don’t offer franchise opportunities, CHOP5 was built from the ground up with franchisees in mind, ensuring that the brand could rapidly expand while maintaining a focus on quality and consistency. 

Now, CHOP5 is ready to drive its expansion nationwide, supported by a management team boasting over a century of collective experience in franchising. And the brand has identified Phoenix as a new target market that is primed for growth. 

Why Phoenix Is the Perfect Market for CHOP5

Phoenix is an ideal market for CHOP5 because it checks all the right boxes for the brand's expansion plans. The city has a growing population with a healthy average household income of over $75,000 and a demographic that skews toward younger adults aged 30 to 40. This matches well with CHOP5's target customer base of health-conscious families. 

Moreover, Phoenix has a thriving business community and a large number of households, which create a favorable environment for CHOP5's franchise growth. Its central location and strong economy further solidify Phoenix as a prime target for the brand's expansion efforts.

The absence of existing CHOP5 stores in the area means there's untapped potential waiting to be capitalized on, offering a blank canvas for the brand to establish its presence and meet the demand for fresh, healthy dining options in the market. CHOP5 has identified several specific areas and neighborhoods in Phoenix as targets for growth. These include Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Chandler, Arcadia and Mesa. 

Who CHOP5 Is Looking to Grow With

As CHOP5 grows in Phoenix and beyond, it is looking for business-savvy individuals — possibly those with experience in other franchises — who are eager to be part of a growing story. They could be either a hands-on owner-operator or a semi-absentee multi-unit owner with management infrastructure in place. 

“We’re looking for leaders, restaurant industry veterans and especially those excited by the prospect of owning a mission-driven business led by a team of the industry’s best and brightest who want to play an active role in your success,” said CHOP5 Co-Owner & Co-Founder Brian Mills. “For us at CHOP5, selecting the right franchise partners is crucial. We are going to be true partners.”

Mills noted that the brand's investment appeal lies in its scalability, experience-backed leadership and adaptability in the evolving market. In addition to wide-open markets like Phoenix, the CHOP5 team is also looking to grow in areas where locations already exist, including Ohio and Florida. 

For the right franchisees, CHOP5 presents an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the growing segment of healthy eating alongside like-minded operators wanting to take advantage of the brand’s franchisee-first focus. 

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