The Top Five Reasons to Become a Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place Franchisee
The Top Five Reasons to Become a Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place Franchisee

From its position as a leader in the increasingly popular home improvement segment of the franchising industry to a low investment model that allows for fast ramp-up times, Closet & Storage Concepts offers its franchisees a long list of competitive advantages that position them for success.

The home organization and space saving home furnishings industry is one that’s always in demand. Whether homeowners are looking to make upgrades to their space during times of economic downturn or are moving into a new place when the market is booming, there’s a consistent need among consumers for home improvement services that provide top quality products at an affordable price. That’s where Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place comes in.

For the past 30 years, Closet & Storage Concepts has been an innovative force driving the increasingly popular home improvement industry forward. As the segment has gone from simple shelving and hanging systems to customized closets and organization rooms, the brand has maintained its position ahead of the curve. But its ability to stay ahead of the latest trends isn’t the only factor fueling Closet & Storage Concepts’ growth—the franchise presents its local owners with a one of a kind opportunity to get in on the ground level of a rapidly growing concept with the backing and support of a proven brand name.

These are the top five reasons to become a Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place franchisee:

1. Demand in the Home Improvement Industry is Climbing

As the economy has continued to bounce back from the recession, more and more consumers are prepared to invest heavily in their homes. In fact, the home improvement industry is expected to bring in $9.4 billion by the end of the year alone. And Closet & Storage Concepts is prepared to help its franchisees tap into that unlimited potential.

“As a leading closet and space-saving home furnishings brand, we’re in the unique position to help our local owners be successful. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry—activity is picking up in communities across the country, and we’re ready to be a part of it,” said Bob Lewis, president and CEO of Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place. “Between our affordable prices, top tier products and elevated level of customer service, we’re the obvious choice for those looking to enhance their homes.”

2. Closet & Storage Concepts Offers Multiple Business Models

Because the home improvement industry is continuously evolving, the services that Closet & Storage Concepts offers are always growing. Between the variety of new materials that are now available to manufacturers and the addition of Murphy wall beds to its lineup through the acquisition of More Space Place, the brand is actively expanding its products to help its franchisees reach more consumers than ever before. But these services aren’t the only new things being added to the Closet & Storage Concepts system.

The concept also expanded the types of business models available under its franchise opportunity. Franchisees can now choose to operate under three distinct models. The first enables local owners to own a showroom and manufacture their products in-house. The second allows franchisees to run a showroom and purchase products from the brand’s corporate manufacturing facility. Lastly, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place franchisees can operate a traditional showroom while serving as the manufacturer for both themselves and nearby franchisees. That flexibility—and option to tap into multiple revenue streams—is unique within the home improvement industry.

3. Opportunities for Growth Are Available in Major Markets Across the Country

With its sights set on growing its system from 40 locations to 50, 60 and beyond, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place is actively looking for franchisees to develop and own key development markets like Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Unlike other franchise concepts that oversaturate specific areas, Closet & Storage Concepts does its homework to ensure that its local owners are opening up in communities that can not only support its businesses in the short-term, but continue to grow as franchisees expand their services. This has been the brand’s mission from the beginning. Even before closet organization was an industry, Closet & Storage Concepts was breaking into major markets with the help of its franchisees.

“When we first started out with Closet & Storage Concepts nearly 20 years ago, closet storage and organization were industries that were much more popular and recognized on the West Coast. But that gave us the ability to introduce the brand to a new community and show how it was easily accessible to families on all ends of the financial spectrum,” said Brian McSharry, Closet & Storage Concepts’ franchisee in Boston, Massachusetts. “Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with home builders and establish a strong presence in the community. And now that home organization is a popular industry across the country, we’re positioned as leaders within the space.”

4. Franchisees Receive Comprehensive and Ongoing Support

When franchisees officially sign on to become members of the Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place team, the one-on-one attention that’s evident throughout the discovery process doesn’t disappear. In addition to providing comprehensive initial training for its local owners, the brand also ensures that the lines of communication between its franchisees and the corporate team are always open. And that strong support system doesn’t end there—Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place franchisees all lend a helping hand when needed, and are members of a family-friendly community.

“Being a part of a growing franchise gives me the opportunity to work with other local owners who are in the same position as me. We’re all working towards the same goal— we want to see Closet & Storage Concepts succeed in communities all over the country,” said Closet & Storage Concepts franchisee Isaiah Rozek. “Those doors wouldn’t be open if I was going it alone.”

5. Closet & Storage Concepts Boasts a Low Investment that Can Lead to High Rewards

Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place goes above and beyond to make its business model accessible to a variety of franchisees. Its initial investment ranges from $73,000 to $492,600—depending on the business model each owner decides to pursue—enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of business ownership at an affordable price. Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place also boasts a quick ramp-up period, meaning that its franchisees can start building their business and realizing their growth potential right from the beginning.

“Every aspect of our franchise system is designed with the well-being and success of our franchisees in mind. We understand that investing in a franchise is one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make, which is why we want them to be able to see a return on their investment,” said Lewis. “We’re just as invested in our franchisees’ success as they are. The Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place systems are only as strong as the people behind it, and we’re eager to help our franchisees make the most of what our brand has to offer.”