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CNBC: Amazon Isn’t the Only Retailer Trying to Get Rid of the Checkout Line. Here’s What Others Are Doing

It’s been estimated that it would cost millions for retailers to implement Amazon’s new checkout technology. Other’s are paving a path with more affordable options.

Amazon’s new grocery concept, Amazon Go, implements autonomous car technology to track customer’s purchases and avoid checking out altogether. While game changing, it’s been estimated that implementing the new technology throughout existing retailers could cost millions of dollars per store. Retailers and technology companies are, instead, looking for more affordable methods to cut out the checkout line.

"Amazon's not trying to remove a person from a store. They're trying to remove the pain of checking out, and there's a big difference there," said Brendan Witcher, a principal analyst at Forrester Research. According to Witcher, it’s not about how quickly these technologies can be created, but taking the time to make sure the right technologies are created. “The most important thing... is that it takes us in the right direction for where retail needs to go.”

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