Top 15 Cities for First-Time Homebuyers Top 15 Cities for First-Time Homebuyers report ranks Texas and Oklahoma as top states for homebuying

Buying a home can be a daunting process, particularly as a first-time homebuyer under the age of 35. According to, which highlights a 2016 SmartAsset report, buying a home doesn’t have to be so hard – buyers just have to pick a home in the right city.

The SmartAsset report ranked the top 15 cities for buying a home, based on a number of factors including a population more than 300,000, value per square foot, affordability, ease of securing a mortgage, homeowner stability, market fluctuation, loan rate and history of recent quarters of declining home sales.

Oklahoma and Texas were the top two states in the U.S. to buy a home, landing six cities in the top 15, with Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the number one city. Other cities on the list include Anchorage, Alaska; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; and Wichita, Kansas.

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