CNBC: Walmart Tests Delivering Groceries Straight to Fridge
CNBC: Walmart Tests Delivering Groceries Straight to Fridge

With smart home brand August Home, Walmart is testing out grocery delivery past your front door.

As Amazon continues to make moves in the food industry, Walmart has announced a new service the brand is testing out for delivering groceries. According to a recent CNBC article, Walmart is partnering with August Home, a smart home accessories company, to test delivering groceries straight to customers’ refrigerators.

By using the right technology, the homeowner would be in control of the process and would be able to see and get real-time updates. The delivery person would need to have access to the customer’s house with a pre-authorized one-time passcode to put away the groceries in the house and more importantly, in the refrigerator.

The company has been testing out new methods for delivery since June, including using store employees to deliver packages. The competition for quick and convenient delivery is heating up because brands like Target and Amazon continue to innovate what they can offer.

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