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CNN: Super Bowl Gives Small Businesses a Chance to Score

The NFL’s Business Connect program gives businesses the opportunity to score contracts to get in on the Super Bowl action.

For this year’s Super Bowl in Houston, Texas, over 300 local businesses have been selected through the NFL’s Business Connect Program. The programs gives businesses the opportunity to get in on the Super Bowl action by selling their product/service at the big game.

To even be considered for the program, businesses had to meet a number of requirements, such as the business must be at least three years old, it must be 51% owned by a minority, woman, an LGBT individual or a disabled veteran. CNN spoke with a few of the businesses selected for the program to tell learn their business stories and talk about how the program has affected their business.

"Were it not for Business Connect, we'd be just another Houston bakery," said Sara Brook, who owns Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe. For another business owner, the program essentially saved their business after losing their home and the paperwork for their catering business when they were destroyed in a fire.

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