Coolgreens Identifies Unique Expansion Opportunity in Sunny San Antonio
Coolgreens Identifies Unique Expansion Opportunity in Sunny San Antonio

Healthy Lifestyle Eatery’s Proven Business Model Offers Unique Ability for Franchise Partners to Spearhead Rapid Growth

When the sun beats down and the mercury rises, some QSR concepts have trouble keeping their cool—and keeping up with sales. But, for Coolgreens franchise, the healthy lifestyle eatery committed to providing the highest quality, fresh and natural dining experience, warm weather is more than welcome all year long!

With six successful corporate-owned locations across Oklahoma and one licensed airport location set to open in August at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport, Coolgreens menu has proven to provide a much needed respite for hungry diners in search of an enticing oasis from the hot, southern sun. Now, as the brand launches its first franchise offering, Coolgreens is targeting year-round warm weather cities, primed for rapid expansion, and San Antonio is at the top of the brand’s list.

“When the temperatures go up, so do our sales,” said Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee. “Our ingredients are brought in and chopped fresh at each location every day, providing our guests with unique taste combinations they can’t find anywhere else. San Antonio is growing quickly in popularity as a major destination for great food. Restaurants across the region are seeing rapid success, but there is a lack of healthier, fresh QSR options in the market. Pairing our taste creations with the beautiful, warm weather in South Texas makes Coolgreens the perfect fit for rapid expansion into San Antonio.”

Coolgreens unique menu provides the base for a flexible QSR option not currently available in the San Antonio market. Initially targeting hot areas across the metro area like Alamo Heights, UTSA, La Cantera, Dominion, [email protected] and Stone Oak, Coolgreens aesthetic is specifically designed to appeal to both diners looking for healthier options and those whose personal dietary restrictions create challenges in traditional down-the-line settings. Coolgreens menu has also quickly grown to feature one-of-a-kind flavors not found anywhere else. By combining that menu with streamlined, simple operations, product consistency and strong customer service, Coolgreens has expanded rapidly in its home state of Oklahoma without compromising its core quality.

From flatbreads and wraps to quinoa bowls, nearly all of Coolgreens’ menu offerings are less than 600 calories. The variable menu is specifically designed to appeal to a wide variety of diners, from ‘casual salad eaters’ who may not have been exposed to healthier options to those with unique dietary needs.

Coolgreens proven business model has been perfected since the brand’s founding in 2009, but remains focused on reducing time spent on the line and increasing tickets served each hour. With no complicated cooking machines beyond a small, self-venting pizza over and no lengthy food prep processes, Coolgreens is able to keep focus on simple, fresh, natural ingredients. Operators need no prior culinary background or cooking experience, further differentiating the franchise opportunity from other healthy down-the-line concepts.

“Coolgreens makes it easy for operators to quickly optimize and scale into additional units,” Lee said. “Our mission has always been to create healthier communities by providing a better option: fresh, natural food, served in a convenient, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The innovative food combinations we’ve created remain the backbone of our business, and combining them with the simple business model we’ve developed makes Coolgreens’ franchise opportunity truly unique.”

With an initial investment ranging from $289,000 to $476,000, Coolgreens is targeting entrepreneurial-minded sophisticated restaurant operators to expand the brand into San Antonio, with an eye on rapid, multi-unit development.

“Our simple business model is specifically designed to present a unique opportunity for rapid expansion in markets primed for quick QSR growth,” said Coolgreens VP of Franchise Development Clay Carson. “San Antonio checks all of those boxes. This market it perfectly positioned for Coolgreens, and we’re so excited to find the right franchise partner to help build a new level of success in South Texas.”