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Daily Voice: Saladworks Sees Sales Spike as Resolution-Makers Enter New Year

The fresh-tossed salad chain sees growth in the winter months due to customers healthy resolutions.

Every year after the New Year Holiday, people resolve to eat healthier and workout more to lead a better lifestyle. Accordingly, Saladworks CEO, Patrick Sugrue told the Daily Voice that the company sees annual spikes in their sales around this time of year.

According to the Daily Voice, the chain has 14 signature salads that average under 300 calories, before you add the dressing and there is also the option to build your own salad. Both the signature and build-your-own options can be made into wraps as well.

"A lot of people want to eat healthy but don't want to give up on flavor or variety," Sugrue said. He also added that Saladworks offers both convenience and customization to provide great meals that are also filling.

The franchise chain celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016 across all of its 97 locations which are scattered throughout 13 states. The company began franchising the concept in 2001.

Sugrue said that the salads and other options aren't built with only vegetarians in mind, mentioning that it's tasty food for everyone seeking to add more vegetables or nutrition in general, in their lives.

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