San Diego Union-Tribune: Dairy Queen Launches San Diego Expansion Plans
San Diego Union-Tribune: Dairy Queen Launches San Diego Expansion Plans

The iconic frozen treat brand plans to nearly double its presence in this major market through the growth of their fast casual concept DQ Grill & Chill.

Iconic frozen treat brand Dairy Queen sees big potential in the San Diego market. So much, in fact, that they plan on nearly doubling their presence over the next five years.
“Our goal is to open one by the end of 2017 but also to grow the market with an additional 10 units” at the rate of two annually," said Mike Mettler, director of national franchise sales  in the Minneapolis-based company.
As the company continues to grow, their expansion largely focuses on the company's fast casual concept DQ Grill & Chill, which offers a full menu and patio space, making it a prime gathering destination.
“We’re very much a family, community-oriented brand where sports teams, church groups and families go,” Mettler said. 
The company opened their first location in 1940 and has been growing ever since. Today, Dairy Queen has 6,700 locations mainly in suburban markets, a challenge in the San Diego area's pricey real estate market. However, the brand does convert traditional treat stores into Grill & Chill locations as well though, which can accelerate the expansion process.
As Dairy Queen continues to grow and innovate, keeping up with fast casual trends, the San Diego market is ripe for expansion.
“One of the things that makes Dairy Queen  different is the fans and passion they have for the brand and the connection with the company,” he said.
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