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Detail Garage Sets Out to Disrupt the Automobile Retail Space With Goals to Cross the 100-Unit Franchise Mark in 2021 and 50 More to Follow Each Year

The leading automotive care experience sets its sights on the Sunbelt, including markets spread from California to Florida, as well as New York, New Jersey and the Midwest, to lead its massive strategic growth in the U.S.

Detail Garage, the country's go-to retail store for car care enthusiasts, passionate car owners and detailing professionals, is on the cusp of massive franchise expansion. The automotive industry has proven to be uniquely resilient against the COVID-19 pandemic and Detail Garage stands out in the segment as a low-cost business model with a robust consumer offering, exceptional support and massive social media presence — factors that helped franchisees see a 28% increase in sales in 2020. Now, with 75 locations already in operation around the world, the Detail Garage team is looking to reach 100 open units this year, followed by 50 locations added to the system each year following.

“People are keeping their cars longer than ever before, and the automotive industry has been one of the most resilient throughout this entire pandemic,” said John Mansfield, chief revenue officer for Detail Garage. “If you have ever wanted to open an automotive business, you'd be hard pressed to find an opportunity with as much potential and as loyal of a consumer following as Detail Garage.” 

How Detail Garage Created an Industry-Leading Automotive Franchise Opportunity

Started in 2008, Detail Garage was born out of a need for the ultimate playground and community for car care enthusiasts. While most auto care stores have a generic, impersonal atmosphere and don’t adequately capitalize on the enthusiasm many people have about caring for their cars, Detail Garage envisioned a spacious location that would welcome customers into a relaxed environment and create a better auto care shopping experience. 

By combining an automotive lifestyle brand, globally-recognized retail products and industry-leading innovations, Detail Garage brought together the perfect blend of products, tools, accessories and education. The original Detail Garage location in California became a place where car enthusiasts of all ages could comfortably hang out, test new products and ask the opinion of helpful, knowledgeable staff. 

Since the first store opened, the brand has expanded this winning model through franchising to feature 75 locations around the world and now offers prospective franchisees the opportunity to bring Detail Garage’s beloved concept to the dedicated car enthusiasts in their own community. The team has identified available markets primed for growth in the Sunbelt from California to Florida, as well as New York, New Jersey and the Midwest.

“We have an incredible amount of momentum leading into 2022,” said Chad Zani, director of business development for Detail Garage. “In addition, it is exciting to see our existing franchisees  continue to scale their portfolio as we continue to support them in every aspect of the business.”

How Detail Garage Positions Franchise Owners for Success Through Low Start-Up Costs, an Exceptional Social Media Presence and Continued Support

Incoming Detail Garage franchisees will receive the same impressive array of benefits that have continued to position owners for success for over a decade. For one, the Detail Garage team is able to provide prospects with access to a proprietary site selection tool to evaluate new location opportunities via in-depth consumer analytics including population density, income, traffic patterns, number of residences versus businesses.

With an initial investment range of only $150,975 to $260,450, franchisees benefit from a low cost to entry. Additionally, the brand recently rolled out a simplified store opening system that makes it even easier for prospects to bring Detail Garage to their community. The system invites franchisees to submit their floor plan with all appropriate measurements that their design partners use to build a full 3D model of their store layout to avoid any frustrations during the process.

Once the design is finalized, full design and build plans are sent so a local contractor, or the franchisee themself, can complete the build out. Detail Garage then sends all the required internal store fixtures, saving franchisees time spent sourcing these items locally.  

When stores open, Detail Garage franchisees enjoy an attractive and flexible lifestyle thanks to the brand’s streamlined operational model and community-oriented approach.

“There is really nothing like our franchise opportunity in the automotive or franchising world,” said Zani. “Franchisees don’t need to do any detailing or have detailing experience; they just need to follow the system, greet their customers with a smile, shake people’s hands and share their passion for cars — if you love cars it really doesn’t feel like work.”

Detail Garage franchisees have access to a robust support infrastructure and continuous training, which covers everything from operations and staffing to technology and marketing, allowing them to focus on building those long-lasting customer relationships. Plus, since community is such an integral part of the Detail Garage business model, franchisees are provided with promotional marketing materials to help with local community outreach, event planning and more. And after events, franchisees typically see sales from attendees three times higher than an average customer.

When it comes to marketing, social media is also a major differentiator for Detail Garage. The Detail Garage corporate team features several experts who currently run the most successful automobile channel on YouTube, Chemical Guys, which has 668,000 subscribers, as well as a verified Instagram account, @detailgarage, with 363,000 followers. Detail Garage franchisees have the opportunity to tap into this impressive, nationally-recognized social media presence and use it to grow their local businesses.

Why Detail Garage Is Set for Major Growth in 2021 and Beyond

Now, with the goal of adding 30 locations by the end of 2021, the Detail Garage team is looking for qualified prospects to help expand the brand across the country. With access to so much support, training and brand recognition, Zani says the ideal Detail Garage franchisee doesn’t necessarily need any retail experience — they just need to bring a passion for cars and an excitement for the road ahead. 

“We are a bit of a unicorn brand in that we do things differently, but we love what we do — and franchisees should love what they do as well,” said Zani. “We’ve built such a cool culture where consumers are our family and as such they are proud of how many products they have and show a deep passion for our brand.”

For fellow car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking to enter the booming automotive industry, Detail Garage offers a rare opportunity to join more than just a proven, worldwide brand — it offers a chance to invest in a lifestyle and community.

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About Detail Garage

Started in 2008 by professional auto detailers, Detail Garage was born out of a need for the ultimate playground and community for car care enthusiasts. It is the country's go-to retail car care store for passionate car owners and detailing professionals. With 70 locations already in operation around the world, the Detail Garage team is looking to reach 100 units open this year, followed by 50 locations added to the system each year following.