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Why This Detail Garage Franchisee is Seeing Faster Growth than Ever at His New Store in Nashville

Jake Weigel doubled his annual revenue in 2021 and was one of the car retail franchise’s first owners to exceed $1 million in sales. Now, he’s leveraging the proven business model and growing brand recognition to replicate — and surpass — that success in Nashville.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 7:07AM 05/10/22

Detail Garage, the automotive enthusiast retail destination with more than 90 locations across the country, provides franchisees like Jake Weigel with a uniquely scalable business opportunity. In 2021, Weigel saw his revenue double as he became one of the brand’s first franchisees to surpass $1 million in sales for the year. After moving from California to Tennessee with his wife, Weigel set out to replicate his success with a new Detail Garage location in Nashville — the city’s first. Since opening in early 2022, the car enthusiast says the Nashville location has proven to be an even bigger hit than he imagined. 

The Road to Detail Garage

Weigel was born and raised in California. “Early on in my career, I was hired by San Bernardino County as a probation officer, and I worked in that role for 15 years before becoming a Sheriff’s Deputy,” he said. “I was, unfortunately, injured on the job, and while I was in the process of retiring from being a deputy, I rediscovered a passion for cars that I had since I was a kid.” 

After his injury, Weigel refused to sit around the house feeling bored, so he threw himself deeper into the car community in California. “I found a club with other residents with a passion for cars and started going to their meetings and events, and I eventually became the vice president,” he said.

Weigel began traveling to car shows across California, where he eventually met Hector Gomez, another medically retired sheriff’s deputy and the director of training for a Detail Garage location. 

“He filled me in on the Detail Garage brand and told me that they were looking to expand their presence in the California market,” said Weigel. “I used the products and was extremely impressed, so I reached out to the team, and we discussed in more depth their expectations of a franchisee to see if it was a good match. And it was. I know what my strengths are, and what I found in Detail Garage was a franchise that could help me with my weaknesses when it comes to business ownership.”

Weigel opened his first Detail Garage location in Colton, California in 2020, bringing in around $500,000 in sales that first year. The following year, he says he more than doubled that, with revenue exceeding $1.1 million. “We’re one of the fastest stores to ever hit revenue like that in the history of Detail Garage,” said Weigel. 

Green Light on a New Adventure

Towards the end of that 2021, Weigel was ready for a change and was looking to move out of California for the more business-friendly pastures of Nashville. After reaching out to the Detail Garage team, Weigel was able to purchase a store in Nashville and officially opened the location in January 2022. 

Since then, Weigel says the Nashville store has far exceeded his expectations and shown him the scalability of the Detail Garage concept. “The first three months of the business were even healthier and more brisk than they were with the California location,” said Weigel. “We are already doing better sales here. This could be because there is more brand awareness nowadays or because there is so much unmet demand here in Tennessee.”

Weigel says his experience at the California location, and his understanding of the Detail Garage business model, has also been a big reason he’s been able to ramp up his second store more quickly. 

“We’ve learned the best ways to interact with customers, and we provide an experience that keeps them coming back,” Weigel said. “Customers know that this is a strong offering. Since we’ve learned those lessons with the first store in California, we know how to grow the business here in Nashville. We take the approach with our business to teach, inform and demonstrate how customers can maintain their vehicles. We don’t overly push products but want to be a resource for the community.” 

Looking ahead, Weigel hopes to one day hand over the franchise to his 17-year-old son, who has already expressed an interest in joining the family business. “My goal is to open multiple locations throughout the Tennessee market and eventually have my son take them over,” he said.

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