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Franchise Times: Additional 30,000 Temps Power Valentine’s Day Sure at Edible Arrangements
The fruit arrangement franchise relies on outside help to meet demand on its busiest day of the year.

Valentine’s Day is easily Edible Arrangements’ busiest day of the year, with over a million strawberries, 267,000 pineapple pieces and almost 140,000 pounds of chocolate being delivered. This year, the brand expects to break even those records.

“We are expecting this Valentine’s Day to be our largest sales day ever,” Rob Price, Edible Arrangements president, told Franchise Times.

To meet this demand, however, Edible Arrangements relies on nearly 30,000 temporary workers, who help with arrangements and delivery, mostly. Though the franchise couldn’t manage the day without them, there are also a few obstacles they must overcome, like making sure there’s enough space for people to work and ensuring temporary workers have the proper training.

“It requires creativity on the part of the franchisees,” said Price. “Some will do things like rent refrigerated semi-trailers to store the additional arrangements and fruit and Pods to house additional paper goods and supplies.”

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