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TechCrunch: To Compete with YouTube, Facebook is Preparing to Launch Connected TV Apps
Facebook makes moves to increase video uploads and consumption.

Facebook loves videos and wants its users to easily be able to create, upload and consume their videos. According to a recent TechCrunch article, Facebook VP of partnerships Dan Rose announced that the company would be launching a series of apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV. The ability to stream Facebook on the TV is one part of the larger video strategy for Facebook.

A new feature for video on Facebook today is that videos will now play with sound on by default if your phone’s sound is set on. The social network will also no longer crop vertical video to accommodate the increasing amount of SnapChat videos that are uploaded. Lastly, users will no longer have to stop looking through their news feed to watch videos, because they will be able to pull a video to the side and continue watching and scrolling.

Facebook’s changes will continue to boost video production and viewership across mobile, desktop, and soon TV distribution.

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