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CNBC: Andy Puzder Withdraws Nomination for Labor Secretary: Reports
The reports come one day before the CKE Restaurants CEO was expected to go before the Senate for his confirmation hearing.

Andy Puzder, the chief executive behind CKE Restaurants, is expected to withdraw from consideration for Labor secretary. The move comes as President Trump’s nominee continues to face opposition from Republicans in the Senate.

Puzder’s path to confirmation has been filled with challenges since Trump picked him for the Cabinet post. Democrats pointed to his remarks about replacing fast food workers with robots and alleged wage violations at some CKE restaurants to argue that he would not protect workers. His statements on immigration and the fact that he hired an undocumented immigrant as a house worker then opened him up to criticism from some Republicans. But it’s his ex-wife Lisa Fierstein’s abuse allegations from 1990 that have created the biggest waves of dissension.

Puzder’s confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee was originally set for Thursday. However, Puzder’s confirmation process was previously delayed because he failed to submit required ethics and financial paperwork.

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