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Orange County Register: It's A Grind Eyes Orange County Market for Expansion
The Orange County-headquartered neighborhood coffee house is focusing on hometown growth

It's A Grind Coffee House is looking to expand again in its home market of Orange County, and the OC Register recently spoke with President Brian Balconi about the brand's resurgence and development plans.

The article focuses on It's A Grind's plan to expand in Orange County through franchising. Specifically, Balconi told the paper that Orange County was primed for up to five more locations over the next five years.

The article also lays out what makes the It's A Grind brand different from some of the local competition.

Said Balconi to the Register, “When you come in, you place your order, and people come around the counter to hand you your drink, as opposed to taking the cup and slamming it down."

You can view the entire article here.