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QSR Magazine: McDonald’s Opening the Checkbook for Franchisees
QSR Magazine: McDonald’s Opening the Checkbook for Franchisees
McDonald’s new design will come at a cost for the brand and franchisees.

McDonald’s is ready to offer the “Experience of the Future” design, but franchisees are only seeing the price tag. According to a recent QSR Magazine article, the new additions to store locations could cost anywhere from $150,000-$700,000 for each location.

The brand’s digital push will drive the redesign with new kiosk ordering, dessert counters and table service with locater technology. McDonald’s hopes to have close to 2,500 locations updated by the end of the year, starting with the free-standing U.S. locations. Corporate is even offering to pay for 55 percent of the costs upfront for the remodeling to make sure everything goes as planned.

While some franchisees may have doubts, first quarter results for the fast food chain were much higher than expected with other forward-thinking initiatives from Steve Easterbrook such as All Day Breakfast and the new Big Mac lineup.

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