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Fast Casual: Launching LTOs? Make Sure to Follow These 3 Rules to Ensure Food Safety
From knowing the risks to being prepared, these are the steps that brands can take to ensure that their LTOs are a hit.

Launching limited-time offers—or LTOs—can give restaurants a boost. From seasonal promotions to testing different items before making them permanent on a menu, the benefits that come with LTOs are extensive. However, as a recent article in Fast Casual points out, these special offers can also lead to food safety concerns. That’s why the publication rounded up three tips for brands looking to avoid any potential issue.

The first pointer that Fast Casual recommends is to know the risks that come with LTOs before adding them to the menu. It’s important to know what temperature ingredients need to be stored at and separate preparation space before making the decision to introduce the new item. The second tip is to plan ahead, meaning that brands need to work with suppliers to ensure that they can handle the quantities of ingredients that are needed. Lastly, Fast Casual notes that brands shouldn’t overlook the importance of proper training. It shouldn’t be assumed that brands know how to cook items that they haven’t handled before.

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