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Fast Casual: LevelUp launches broadcast service to drive restaurant discovery
The new system has been praised for increasing brand visibility and building loyalty with guests who prefer to order ahead.

Restaurants looking to reach potential delivery customers can now take advantage of a new platform. According to a recent article in Fast Casual, LevelUp's new broadcast system will provide a channel for reaching consumers across social media networks. 

"LevelUp Broadcast enables consumers to discover nearby restaurants, browse the menu, place an order, pay and collect rewards, all directly within the channels where they already live, work and play, and at the very moment when they are actively seeking lunch or dinner options. And because customers spend up to 50 percent more on digital orders than on orders placed in-restaurant or by phone, restaurants that use broadcast are not only capturing new guests, but also high ticket sales," said CEO Seth Priebatsch

The technology will allow restaurants to showcase their menus within these networks and make real-time changes to them as necessary. Brands currently using the broadcast system praise it as a way to increase brand visibility and increase sales from consumers that prefer to order ahead. 

Read the full article here.