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QSR Magazine: McDonald's Begins Rolling Out Fresh Beef Quarter Pounders
QSR Magazine: McDonald's Begins Rolling Out Fresh Beef Quarter Pounders
The brand has reported positive progress on its goal to become more health-focused.

Nearly a year ago, McDonald's announced plans to roll out a new menu initiative: fresh beef quarter pounders. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand has shared an update on its progress. Roughly 3,500 restaurants across the nation now feature this offering. 

“The switch to fresh beef quarter-pound burgers is the most significant change to our system and restaurant operations since All Day Breakfast. We are proud to bring our customers a hotter and juicier quarter-pound burger at the speed and convenience they expect from us,” said president Chris Kempczinski.

The initiative appears to have been a success, as test locations in Dallas and Tulsa reported an increase in customer satisfaction by nearly 90 percent. The fresh burgers are part of the brand's overall strategy to become more health-focused. Prior steps to reach this goal include the use of cage-free eggs and avoidance of chicken that has been treated with antibiotics. 

McDonald's announced that moving forward, another step it will take towards improving the quality of its menu will be the reduction of calories in Happy Meals. By June, the brand aims to offer all Happy Meals at or below 600 calories. 

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