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Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Joins MOOYAH as Director of Brand Engagement
After a decade with the Dallas Cowboys, James is taking his skills off the field to help the "better-burger" brand grow.

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James has recently joined the MOOYAH Burgers Fries & Shakes corporate team as the Director of Brand Engagement. In his new position, he will help build the brand by traveling across the country to speak with prospective franchisees.

James has been a partner in two North Texas corporate-owned MOOYAH's since 2013, the year he retired from the National Football League, but recently, COO Michael Mabry approached him about becoming more involved.

“The Bradie James partnership has evolved since he transitioned out of football,” said Michael Mabry, MOOYAH’s chief operating officer. “Once he retired and got involved in the business, it’s something that organically grew. Bradie is an energetic, high character, solid guy.”

Newly retired from the NFL, James initially decided to become involved with the MOOYAH brand as a means to create an added revenue stream for his family. He was enamored by the brand’s model, and the idea of owning his own restaurant. When MOOYAH later approached him about becoming more involved with the franchise side of the business, he knew it would be the perfect fit. 

“MOOYAH was a brand I felt like I could grow with,” James said. “When they asked if I wanted to become more involved, we started thinking about what role fit. I travel a lot and I can touch a lot of franchisees, and I also get to talk about the brand from a standpoint nationally.”
In his new role, James hopes to build the brand organically by connecting with potential and existing franchisees across the country.