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Domino's Puts the Pedal to the Medal with In-Car Restaurant Technology

The popular pizza franchise is making its way into the automotive technology realm with its new in-car ordering system.

Domino’s plans on expanding its delivery options for customers by making ordering services available on their vehicle’s touchscreen device, according to Restaurant Technology News.

Xevo, a global leader in connected car technology and automotive telematics, partnered with Domino’s to help create the system. “Later this year, drivers using the AnyWare pizza digital ordering system, as it is known, will be able to order Domino’s menu items with just a few taps on their vehicle’s touchscreen device,” the article said.

Domino’s is no stranger to the world of technology. The franchise has developed new ways of online ordering through Twitter, Slack, Hotspots and the Domino’s app. The in-car system includes many capabilities such as locating the nearest store location, calling in an order, re-ordering previous orders with one tap and tracking the order.

While some businesses may think it’s risky to enter a new realm when it comes to delivery, “Domino’s can afford to gamble on technology,” Restaurant Technology News said.

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