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Eater: Shake Shack Hikes Burger Prices to Increase Worker Wages

The burger chain has now raised prices four times over the past two-and-a-half years.

While the average wage of a fast food worker is less than $9.50 per hour, Shake Shack has historically paid employees more than the state’s minimum wage. And in the New Year, the burger chain is raising employees wages even further, resulting in a minimal increase in prices across the menu. According to Eater, this increase has led to a ShakeBurger costing more than $6 after tax, which it never has before.

“The moderate price increases reflect our continued commitment to lead with hospitality, pay above minimum wage, and provide our team with real career growth opportunities,” wrote Laura Enoch, a spokesperson for the company, in an email to Eater. Shake Shack employees also have access to health insurance, match 401K plans and other benefits.

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