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The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in an Edible® Franchise in 2024

With its strategic expansion into a diverse product range, cutting-edge NextGen store concept and robust e-commerce platform, an Edible franchise in 2024 might just be the sweetest investment decision you'll make.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 03/20/24

Embarking on a business venture this year? Look no further than Edible, a franchise brand synonymous with innovation and delight in the $300 billion global gifting market. As it marks a quarter-century of success with a vast retail footprint across North America and beyond, Edible extends a uniquely alluring invitation to aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are 10 of the top reasons to invest in Edible in 2024. 

1. NextGen Stores: Redefining Retail Experience

Last year, Edible announced its forthcoming NextGen store concept, blending the best of digital and physical retail into a new-and-improved store layout. These modernized stores are designed to offer a more personalized, consumer-centric shopping experience by focusing on data-driven marketing and sales. 

"Edible has always been at the forefront of the gifting business,” said Edible Brands Chief Development Officer, Mark Mele. “We’ve collected a lot of data over the years, and we understand the lives of the customers. That data has allowed us to design this new prototype in a way that combines our comprehensive e-commerce strategy with the type of modern brick-and-mortar experience today’s customers expect.”

By shrinking the physical footprint and optimizing the layout, the NextGen store will also enhance efficiency in the evolving digital retail environment — not only reducing overhead expenses for franchise owners but also simplifying daily operations. 

2. Innovative Product Range: Beyond Fruit Bouquets

In conjunction with the NextGen store, Edible has also significantly expanded its product offerings in recent years, moving beyond its iconic fresh fruit bouquets to offer everything from baked goods and flowers to dessert boards, chocolate-dipped arrangements and more. 

"Our expansion into other items marks a strategic move to cater to evolving consumer preferences," said Mele. “This expansion not only diversifies the customer base but also opens up new revenue streams for franchisees. Our goal is to position the brand as a go-to choice for celebrating big holidays and milestones and everyday moments.”

3. Affordable Investment, High Potential

Starting an Edible franchise is more accessible than ever, with costs ranging between just $240,000 and $531,000. 

“This competitive investment level opens the door for many aspiring entrepreneurs,” Mele said. “Our investment model is designed to maximize ROI and keep initial costs down.”

4. Strong Financial Performance

For candidates interested in what that ROI looks like, the numbers don’t lie. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, for example, Edible enjoyed a 45% increase in sales in 2020 and also set a record for the number of stores hitting $1 million in sales that same year — more than 40 reached the mark. In 2023, sales at Edible continued to rise, reaching $500 million.

"Our franchisees enjoy the fruits of their labor, with many reaching remarkable sales milestones," said Mele. “This track record of success provides confidence to new franchisees entering the network.”

According to the brand’s 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), average gross sales for Edible stores open three-plus years came in at $596,020.* 

5. A Proven Business Model

Edible's business model, which has been refined over 25 years, allows owners to tap into four unique revenue streams:

  • Retail: Brick-and-mortar Edible locations provide the convenience of in-store pickup options for guests. Guests can pick up a variety of offerings, such as freshly prepared arrangements, platters, cheesecakes, cookies and boxed fruit to go. Other than the busy holiday season, each shop only requires five employees to operate. 
  • e-Commerce: allows guests to place their orders anytime and have them fulfilled by their nearest Edible shop, aiding in local store marketing for the franchisee.
  • Delivery: Edible gifts can be ordered last-minute or in advance and delivered to more than 80% of the U.S. within an hour thanks to Edible’s impressive retail footprint and partnerships with third-party services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. Edible is also uniquely positioned to offer next-day, same-day, and 1-hour delivery. 
  • Catering: Whether it’s for family get-togethers, client meetings or large celebrations, Edible offers guests the ability to cater with platters, dessert boards, extra-large arrangements, and more.

6. Leveraging a Strong Brand Name

By investing in Edible (which has been a leader in the gifting business since 1999), owners have peace of mind knowing that very few competitors have the same kind of household-name reputation in the category. Every aspect of the business, including technology, equipment, supplies, patents and trademarks, is proprietary and vigorously protected.

“Prospective franchisees can take advantage of the fact that we have been around for 25 years,” said Mele. “This established name, in combination with our constant innovation, creates an unparalleled opportunity to further enhance brand visibility in the marketplace.”

7. E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Synergy

With a majority of business now coming through e-commerce, Edible has mastered the integration of online and offline channels. This synergy ensures a broad and diversified customer base. 

"A significant portion of our business is driven by e-commerce, complemented by our local brick-and-mortar stores,” said Mele. “With the NextGen store, we are further enhancing these physical locations to offer customers a premium retail experience. By skillfully integrating our online presence with our in-store component, our franchises can leverage the unique benefits and opportunities of both these channels. This dual-channel approach is crucial in today's retail landscape.”

8. Extensive Market Coverage

As part of its off-premise platform, Edible's delivery network covers 80% of the U.S. within one hour, opening up significant market opportunities for franchisees.

"We're proud of our ability to reach customers across the nation," said Mele. “We utilize our own vehicles, as well as DoorDash and Uber Eats, in order to keep up with customer expectations for same-day delivery and convenience.”

9. Robust Franchisee Support and Training

Like any successful franchisor, Edible places a high value on supporting its franchisees. From marketing and staffing to real estate and technology, the brand ensures its franchise owners have all the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their individual market. 

“We connect franchisees with regional business managers who assist in managing both their in-store and online operations,” said Mele. “Our comprehensive approach includes essential marketing strategies, encompassing local B2B and B2C marketing. Additionally, we offer robust training support tailored not just for new franchisees but also for the existing ones, ensuring consistent and valuable assistance throughout their journey with us.”

10. Future Growth Opportunities and 350 Available Territories

In 2024, Edible plans to sell 25 new franchise agreements, execute 20 real estate leases, and open 10 new stores. This ambitious expansion will focus on key states like Georgia, California, Florida, Washington State, Texas, Michigan, Colorado and Illinois — regions identified as ripe for growth.

“Currently, we're focusing on about 350 new opportunities in various trade areas throughout the U.S., and any new franchises sold will automatically feature our NextGen prototype,” Mele said. “This is a very exciting time for a brand that's already a household name, yet has so much potential for expansion and reinvention.”

Overall, investing in an Edible franchise in 2024 offers entrepreneurs a chance to be part of a proven yet innovative and growing brand. With strong support, a solid business model and a focus on the future, the time has never been better to savor this sweet opportunity in the world of franchising.

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*Please see the brand’s 2023 franchise disclosure document for additional financial information.