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Eggs Up Grill opens 44th location in Tampa Bay area as part of record-breaking 2020 growth

Aggressive expansion in the works for 2021

By Laura BolesMarketing
1:13PM 11/25/20

RIVERVIEW, Fla. — Continuing the brand’s expansion in Florida, Eggs Up Grill recently opened its 44th restaurant and its first in the Tampa Bay area. The new Eggs Up Grill is owned and operated by a trio, including a local firefighter and two pharmacists, who love the idea of being entrepreneurs in addition to their careers. 

“We have dabbled in small business ownership in the past and felt we had the experience to try something bigger,” said Priscilla Conyers, co-owner of the new Riverview restaurant. “With two small children, my husband and I were very attracted to the Eggs Up Grill concept. This is a broadly appealing, simple to execute, family restaurant with operating hours that do not detract from our own family life.”

Eggs Up Grill now operates in four states – Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The new Riverview restaurant is part of the brand’s aggressive expansion plans into Florida. The first Florida location opened in January in Ocala by Zaxby’s franchisee Brad Harper, who has plans for two more locations in that market. In addition, there are four restaurants under development in the Orlando market.

Conyers and her partners, husband John and their friend Angela Perry, opened their first Eggs Up Grill to record-shattering sales through dine-in, takeout and delivery channels. And Conyers believes making a personal connection with their guests is critical to their ongoing success.

“Our goal is for this Eggs Up Grill to be a hub for the local community, and we are committed to finding ways to give back to organizations in town,” said Priscilla. “We know that being part of the community is critical to our success, so we want to get to know each of our guests. When we say ‘thank you for choosing Eggs Up Grill,’ we really mean it.”

With the recent opening of its Riverview, Fla., restaurant, Eggs Up Grill has opened seven locations in 2020 with two more openings slated by the end of the year. Those include Canton, Ga., the first of five locations for former Eggs Up Grill CFO Andy Wright, and Savannah, Ga., which is the first of three planned locations for franchisees Heath and Amy Greene and their partner Ben Sheppard. 

Eggs Up Grill’s accelerating growth, despite the unprecedented complications of 2020, is a testament to the brand’s unique business model, experienced and nimble leadership team and collaborative relationship with their franchise partners. 

“In spite of immense challenges 2020 has been a productive learning year for us,” said Ricky Richardson, CEO of Eggs Up Grill. “Circumstances created opportunities for growth that we and our franchise partners quickly seized. We took early steps to help our partners weather the storm and avoid any restaurant closures. We then moved to identify and adopt new revenue growth channels and margin improvements.”

With the implementation of third-party delivery, online ordering and menu innovations, franchise partners have been able to realize sales growth that positions the brand for continued success.

“Due to the success of the changes we have adopted and the unique appeal of Eggs Up Grill, our franchisees are back to 95 percent of pre-COVID sales levels,” said Ricky.  “With the benefit of technology enhancements, sharp rises in off-premise sales and the introduction of adult beverages, almost a third of our restaurants are experiencing positive sales growth, and we see that number increasing every quarter moving forward. These, and many other enhancements, put our current and future franchisees in a position to see their business grow in the era of a new normal.”

2020 will be a record-breaking year for Eggs Up Grill in terms of new restaurant openings, and 2021 will see the brand grow even more rapidly with 12-15 new restaurant openings and the addition of three new states – Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia.

“Never before have I been as excited as I am now to be a part of this brand,” said CEO Ricky Richardson. “The passion and commitment from our franchise partners ensured their success during the ups and downs of 2020. And while challenges remain, this has been a defining year for our brand, and we are proud to say that we are stronger and better.”