Emerging Franchises Doing Awesome Things in Franchising: MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes
Emerging Franchises Doing Awesome Things in Franchising: MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

Dallas-based better-burger franchise celebrates 100th unit and 10th birthday, focuses on growing with the right partners

For franchise brands, reaching 100 units is a significant milestone. Few brands ever reach that level, but those that do typically go on to do big things. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, a fast-casual, better-burger concept based in Dallas, reached the 100-unit milestone in 2016 and hasn’t taken its foot off the gas since. In June 2017, MOOYAH was acquired by the Balmoral Group and Gala Capital Partners, led by franchise industry veteran Anand Gala, and in July, the brand celebrated its 10th birthday with a system-wide event and a $15,000 donation to No Kid Hungry.

And MOOYAH isn’t stopping there. Over the next ten years, MOOYAH plans to continue upgrading the brand with improvements planned for the menu, a new strategic growth plan to expand with the right franchisees, and a commitment to ongoing training of its team members.

“We will continue to strengthen the development of our people with ongoing training within our restaurants,” said Michael Mabry, President and Chief Operating Officer of MOOYAH. “We’ll be focused on coming up with programs and responsibilities that people can grab hold of and be excited to be a part of. We’ll also be furthering our menu innovation. We’ll take some items off the menu to simplify the customer experience, and we’re going to lower prices to stay competitive in the marketplace.”

The brand is also upgrading its food by switching to Certified Angus Beef in its burgers and adding both grilled and fried all-natural chicken to the menu. With the brand’s monthly Taste to Try offering, guests can experience a taste of something different each month, each of which uses fresh, high-quality ingredients that are available year-round.

The food is a primary reason franchisees join the brand and a driving motivator to open more locations.

"It all comes down to the quality of product,” said Josh Bergeson, who owns two locations in Madison and Fitchburg with his dad Randy and brother Lucas. “It's rewarding to grow with MOOYAH because the product is so good. We are putting in so much hard work because the brand inspires us to hustle for more. We want to go above and beyond in guest service. Without our guests we have nothing. The brand is really based on that, the quality of the service.”

The Bergesons, who have plans to open a third location in Sun Prarie, are a perfect example of the type of franchisees MOOYAH is recruiting. Not only do they have a genuine love for the product and a commitment to grow, they are also immersed in their community and exemplify the family values that MOOYAH prides itself on. Many of the brand’s franchisees are families who are deeply rooted in their community and are looking for a fun opportunity to run a business together.

“Our cost-to-open numbers are extremely competitive for people trying to start their own businesses by themselves, with their families, or with investors looking to build out a market,” said Jordan Duran, Director of Franchise Sales for MOOYAH. “However, we’re not looking to partner with just anyone. We are committed to growing with the right franchise partners for the long term.”