Even Franchises Can’t Get Enough ‘Game of Thrones’
Even Franchises Can’t Get Enough ‘Game of Thrones’

Popular brands are lighting up social media in honor of the show’s return.

If you weren’t planted in front of your TV watching the season five debut of “Game of Thrones” last Sunday, I’m not sure we can be friends.

And neither is Chili’s, Arby’s and Sonic, for that matter.

It seemed like every brand and their mom was getting in on the “Game of Thrones” action on Twitter.

Exhibit A:

While brands clinging desperately to pop culture events in the hopes some of the magic will rub off on them can be cringe-inducing at times, but I have to admit, Sonic Drive-In impressed me. Not only did the brand remind consumers its hip to the salty sea captain scribe that is George R. R. Martin, it also straight up called out its franchise competition.

Tweets included sentiments like, “We're coming for you, @BurgerKing of the North.”

Based on the show’s violent history (seriously, pretty much everyone gets their head lopped off at some point), things could get bloody in the burger segment.