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Exploring Franchising Opportunities in the Education Sector

With the global demand for quality education on the rise, investing in an educational franchise is a great way to earn money while making a positive impact.

As the need for quality education continues to grow worldwide, investing in educational franchises can be both profitable and meaningful, allowing you to make a positive contribution to your community while earning revenue. And with the market expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2027, there is plenty of demand for the services these franchises offer. 

1851 Franchise spoke with Leigh Smith, marketing director for the Brooklyn Robot Foundry STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) enrichment franchise, to get some insights on investing in the education industry.

Why the Education Sector?

Education is a fundamental need, with many parents prioritizing the best possible schooling for their children. This demand remains consistent regardless of economic fluctuations, making educational franchises a recession-resistant investment.

“As public school budgets get cut and more teachers leave the field, schools have had to simplify their offerings,” said Smith. “In some cases this means eliminating science or arts programs; in other cases it means not offering reading intervention or other special services. This means parents are left to fill the gaps with supplemental education services outside of school.”

There is a rising demand for tutoring and enrichment classes nationwide. Schools are outsourcing programs that they cannot manage internally, particularly in subjects like science and arts that need more planning and resources. This trend creates opportunities for enrichment classes to be offered during the school day.

“We are experiencing a record number of households requiring two (or more) incomes to keep up with rising living expenses,” Smith said. “This increases the need for quality out-of-school care for children. Before and after-school programs are in high demand. And the more time children spend in these programs, the more need there is for an array of enrichment programs to fill that time. Sports are always popular, but now we're also witnessing more varied offerings from book clubs to robotics to clothing design and so much more.” 

Investing in education also allows entrepreneurs to contribute meaningfully to society by fostering learning and development. For many, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and communities adds an extra layer of fulfillment to their business. 

Choosing the Right Brand

Selecting the right franchising brand is crucial to the success of your venture in the education sector. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating potential opportunities:

  • Reputation and Track Record: Look for established brands with a proven track record of success by considering factors such as their reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Curriculum and Programs: Consider whether the curriculum aligns with current educational standards and addresses the needs of students in your target market.
  • Support and Training: Look for a reputable franchisor that will provide you with comprehensive training and ongoing support.
  • Market Demand: Research the demand for educational services in your target market by looking at demographics and local competition. 
  • Financial Considerations: Analyze the financial requirements and potential returns associated with each franchise opportunity. 

Four Leading Educational Franchise Brands

Sylvan Learning*

  • Investment Range: $98,087 - $199,582
  • Unit Count: 710+

With over 40 years of experience, Sylvan Learning is a trusted name in tutoring and academic enrichment. Sylvan offers personalized tutoring programs in subjects ranging from reading and writing to STEM subjects and test preparation. 


  • Investment Range: $112,860 - $149,155
  • Unit Count: 1,100+

Specializing in math education, Mathnasium offers customized learning plans designed to help students develop strong math skills and confidence. With a focus on understanding rather than memorization, Mathnasium's approach has garnered widespread acclaim.

Lightbridge Academy*

  • Investment Range
    • Leased Center: $621,233 - $937,900
    • Purchased Center: $2,611,900 - $5,202,500
  • Unit Count: 65+

Lightbridge Academy provides early education and child care programs for children aged six weeks through kindergarten. Franchisees are part of the Circle of Care, the supportive relationships formed with parents and staff to help children and their families thrive.  Franchise owners also become an integral part of a support system that’s dedicated to helping them succeed every step of the way. 

Brooklyn Robot Foundry

  • Investment Range: $90,000 - $120,000
  • Unit Count: 8

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is an educational franchise that combines creativity and engineering to provide hands-on STEAM programs for children. The brand was founded in 2011 to offer immersive engineering experiences through fun-filled robot-building activities. 

By choosing the right brand and tapping into the growing demand for quality education, franchisees can build successful businesses while making a positive impact on the lives of students. Whether through tutoring or enrichment programs, educational franchises have the potential to shape the future of learning.

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