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Why Buying a Resale Office with Express Employment Professionals Is a Winning Strategy for Franchise Owners

Resales offer a head start for business owners, propelling them months — if not years — ahead in operational readiness due to the inheritance of strong client relationships in established communities.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 02/14/24

In the world of franchising, the path to ownership offers various routes, each with its unique advantages. Express Employment Professionals franchise owners, for example, have an average length of franchise ownership of 12 years — with some owners celebrating more than 30+ years of success. And now, as some franchise owners get ready to retire, previously unavailable territories are becoming available, meaning incoming owners have an opportunity to purchase an existing office rather than starting something new. 

“Resales make up a significant portion of our development each year and present entrepreneurs with an opportunity to join our brand in premium markets that were sold out,” said Melissa Davis, franchising director for Express. “Oftentimes, resales offer a lower initial investment and faster ramp-up than with a brand new business because incoming owners can tap into existing clients, staff and more.”

Here are two examples of franchise owners who joined Express through the purchase of a resale office and their journeys towards entrepreneurial success.

From Retail to Staffing with a Resale Office

Jesus Arriola, who took over the Park Ridge, New Jersey, office in 2021, came to the brand amidst the shifting trends of the retail industry. With a rich background in retail, including executive positions and ownership roles, Arriola found himself seeking a new venture that offered both stability and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. The staffing industry, recommended by a franchise broker, emerged as an appealing arena.

"I had an acquaintance in the early 90s who successfully connected workers from India and Pakistan with tech companies in Silicon Valley,” said Arriola. “This inspired me, highlighting how facilitating employment can be both socially impactful and financially rewarding. Additionally, a neighbor acquainted with someone who owned five Express offices recommended I explore the opportunity.”

Arriola says he was particularly drawn to the resale option for its immediate benefits: an established business with existing cash flows, staff and market presence. The smooth transition facilitated by Express's structured resale process, coupled with the immediate application of training to an operational business, made the purchase of the Park Ridge office as smooth as possible.

"The contract process is streamlined and straightforward, facilitating a simple business purchase,” said Arriola. “It's an asset sale, where the price is mutually agreed upon by the seller and buyer. The training provided is identical to that for starting a new office, but with the advantage of applying it to an operational platform. This practical training on an existing business accelerates learning. The franchise's established methods and formulas are more effectively absorbed in a resale context, allowing for immediate application and visible results."

And those results speak for themselves — Arriola says he achieved the Circle of Excellence within just 18 months and is currently looking into expanding into a second office. 

"Express provides an effective formula for success,” said Arriola. “Although each market is unique, this formula has proven effective across various contexts. The support and proven model offered by Express simplify the journey compared to starting an independent staffing agency.”

From Employee to Owner Through a Resale Office

Samantha Griffis, who recently purchased the Brunswick, GA Express office last year, showcases a different facet of the resale advantage. Having worked within the Express system for nine years as a recruiter, Griffis' intimate knowledge of the company's operations and franchise model provided a unique vantage point when considering ownership. 

"Initially, the idea of owning a franchise hadn't crossed my mind,” said Griffis. “However, over time, discussions with the previous owner about taking over the business post-retirement began to shift my perspective. The timing wasn’t right, until it was. I knew it’d be a good fit.”

This transition from employee to owner was also facilitated by Express's Bridge to Ownership Program, which supports employees who want to become franchise owners with funding and guidance throughout the process.

"Each individual is matched with a franchise developer and coordinator, guiding them through the process step by step, enabling a manageable, one-step-at-a-time approach,” said Griffis. “This personalized guidance proved to be immensely beneficial, especially given my prior experience with Express."

Now, a year into ownership, Griffis says her story highlights how a resale purchase can offer not just a business, but a legacy of relationships and operational wisdom.

"The previous owner served as a mentor to me, offering invaluable guidance through this significant transition in my life,” she said. “This experience really brought my career full circle. I originally entered the staffing industry after losing a job in my early 20s. Purchasing from a friend within Express made the entire process more familiar and welcoming. I genuinely appreciate our work's impact on the companies we serve and the individuals we help employ.”

The Strategic Advantage of Resale Offices

The experiences of Arriola and Griffis are echoed across the Express Employment Professionals franchise system. The structured resale process, combined with the inherent advantages of inheriting an existing business, sets franchise owners up for accelerated success. 

As Express Employment Professionals continues its journey into 2024, there are nearly 30 active resale listings across the country, including many premium markets that have been unavailable for many years.

“Express not only benefits entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the staffing industry but also strengthens local economies through job creation and enhanced business services,” said Davis. “With a proven track record, a structured support system and a focus on community and growth, Express stands out as a prime choice for those looking to invest in a franchise with lasting impact and value.”

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