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Why Franchise Candidates Should Consider Joining the Staffing Industry with Express Employment Resale Opportunities

With nearly 30 resale opportunities available, Express Employment carves out lucrative ventures for potential franchisees, including for those in established markets who want to access an existing book of business.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 02/07/24

Express Employment Professionals, the leading staffing franchise with over 860 locations open across the country has a unique opportunity for franchise candidates looking to take over an established business. With an abundance of resale opportunities available, incoming franchisees have the chance to purchase an existing Express office as opposed to starting one from scratch.

"We are the number one franchise brand in staffing, thanks to our more than 40-year history,” said Melissa Davis, franchising director for Express. “Resales make up a significant portion of our development each year and present entrepreneurs with an opportunity to join our brand in premium markets that were previously sold out. Oftentimes, resales offer a lower initial investment and faster ramp-up than with a brand new business. "

For entrepreneurs keen to dive into the $212.8 billion staffing realm with a reputable and established partner, the time has never been better to look into Express.

A Structured Path to Entrepreneurial Success 

Express Employment Professional franchise owners have an average length of franchise ownership of 12 years — with some owners celebrating more than 30+ years of success. And now, as some franchise owners get ready to retire, offices are becoming available for resale. 

"Our structured resale process, which parallels our discovery process for new owners, ensures a seamless transition for entrepreneurs," said Davis. “We offer the same level of support and training, and will help candidates understand if the office is right for them. This approach not only familiarizes them with the Express brand and its operations but also ensures a profound understanding of the franchise model's compatibility with their aspirations.”

The appeal of resales, according to Davis, offers a head start for business owners, propelling them months, if not years, ahead in operational readiness due to the inheritance of strong client relationships in established communities.

"The advantage of a resale is that it jump-starts your business,” said Davis. “Unlike starting from scratch in a new territory with new staff and clients, with a resale, you could be leapfrogging anywhere from six months to six years ahead, allowing you to hit the ground running. 

Moreover, while the estimated initial investment for Express usually begins at around $140,000, some resale opportunities are available at lower prices depending on the market, Davis says, meaning franchisees save both time and money. 

A Successful Franchisee Perspective

Angela and Chris Ashcraft, who embarked on their Express journey 17 years ago, are an example of two franchisees who have expanded their business through both new and resale purchases. 

"Opting for a resale means inheriting an existing database and a known presence in the community,” said Angela. “Often, the previous owner may not have maximized the territory's potential. With our experience, we understand what strategies are effective, which has been a significant advantage.”

Chris agrees, noting that the Express Employment Professional business model also lends itself well to resale opportunities. “You already have your desk and your computer, so you can just walk in and take over,” he said. “You not only inherent clients, but also whatever staff is already there, for example. We’ve found that you can take it to the next level fairly quickly. We inherited close to 250 clients in our last resale.”

Today, with five Express offices across Alabama, Georgia and Florida, the Ashcrafts' success story embodies the essence of what makes Express Employment a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

"Over the past 17 years, we've experienced consistent growth and resilience,” said Angela. “This journey has been incredibly rewarding for both us and our team members. What motivates me daily is the impact we create—the joy of seeing my team afford family vacations and the fulfillment from helping numerous individuals secure employment. This is what makes Express an outstanding opportunity."

Getting a Jump Start on an Express Franchise 

As Express Employment Professionals continues its journey into 2024, there are currently 28 active resale listings across the country, including many premium markets that have been unavailable for many years.

“Express not only benefits entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the staffing industry but also strengthens local economies through job creation and enhanced business services,” said Davis. “With a proven track record, a structured support system, and a focus on community and growth, Express stands out as a prime choice for those looking to invest in a franchise with lasting impact and value.”

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