Amazing Lash Studio Ensures Proper Insurance Protections from Day One With 100% Compliance Prior to Open
Amazing Lash Studio Ensures Proper Insurance Protections from Day One With 100% Compliance Prior to Open

The eyelash extension salon franchise partnered with EZ CERT to address its insurance compliance needs.

Eyelash extension salon concept Amazing Lash Studio has received a number of accolades as it continues to grow its franchise offering throughout the U.S., including the No. 1 ranking in its segment, the No. 5 ranking among top new franchises, the No. 49 ranking for fastest-growing franchises and the No. 135 overall ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 Franchise 500. Amid these honors is another lesser-known, yet just as important accomplishment: achieving 100 percent compliance prior to studio opening in the insurance compliance process since partnering with certificate tracking solution EZ CERT in September 2016.

In the beauty and wellness service industry, insurance compliance is essential to proper business practices. Left unmonitored, it could leave a brand exposed to serious liability. Nicole Nomicos, site development manager at Amazing Lash Studio, said the brand first learned about EZ CERT through its insurance vendor partnership with Program Insurance Group. After exploring the company further and gaining a better understanding of the benefits and peace of mind EZ CERT could provide, Amazing Lash Studio decided to begin a communications and insurance compliance review partnership.

“Per the Amazing Lash Studio FDD, each franchisee is required to carry specific insurance limits for each of their studios,” EZ CERT Brand Manager Nicole Schmidt said. “Our job is to collect these certificates by remaining in constant communication with each franchisee. We then generate a comprehensive report on which lines of business are compliant and where coverage is missing,” she explained. Monthly reports are sent to Amazing Lash Studio’s corporate team for review so EZ CERT’s team can then reach out to franchisees to assist them in securing missing coverage to become fully compliant.

Since the partnership began, Amazing Lash Studio has experienced productive results. “EZ CERT’s participation in our portal system has contributed significantly to ensuring we are opening studios that are fully compliant with their insurance requirements,” Nomicos said, noting Amazing Lash Studio has achieved 100 percent compliance from new franchisees prior to every studio opening. “Additionally, we have seen insurance compliance from our existing studios, which was lacking, take a turn in the right direction and are working towards full compliance through this program,” she added.

“Monitoring insurance compliance is a tedious task,” Schmidt said. “When coverages are missing, it puts the both franchisee and the franchisor at risk. EZ CERT not only uncovers the problems, but provides the solutions as well, taking this burden off the franchisor’s lap and freeing them up to do what they do best, which is grow,” she said.

Thanks to the peace of mind that comes with EZ CERT’s compliance monitoring at all of its locations, Amazing Lash Studio has been able to do just that. The brand’s ability to focus on growth and development has led to more than 200 open locations with nearly 150 more in development across 33 states, each of them cognizant and more proactive about having required policies and policy limits in place.

Photo courtesy of the Amazing Lash franchise website

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