Facebook's Blackout Last Week Is a Reminder Why Marketing Emails Still Matter
Facebook's Blackout Last Week Is a Reminder Why Marketing Emails Still Matter

Having update emails for clients is more necessary now in the times of server crashes and social media outages.

Social media giant, Facebook, caused near hysteria after going offline for several hours last week. Businesses saw a stark decline in traffic. However, Entrepreneur Magazine reports the blackout necessitates marketing emails and the use of more than just Facebook as a promotional platform.

The temporary shutdown of Facebook brings to light whether there should be rei
mbursement to businesses whose ads didn’t post, according to Social Media Today. Content marketing strategists and advertisers alike advise to shift away from strict Facebook-only content. 

Entrepreneur Magazine cites marketing emails as the best mode to maintain contact with customers: “As social media platforms continue to ride a rollercoaster of data scandals and meltdowns, savvy email marketing stands tall as one of the most cost-effective content strategies.” Branching out to other social media platforms is a terrific alternative too, as a Shutter Magazine blog claims.

Emails certainly aren’t as archaic anymore. The helpful tips Entrepreneur Magazine provides for building successful, professional marketing emails with modern design and content, such as GIFs, ensure a reliable method to provide information to your clients without a third party hand in the mix.

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