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Famous Toastery Offers 50% Off Its Franchise Fee For Veterans

To help give back to those who have served our country, the better breakfast brand is creating a lower barrier of entry for veterans.

By Derek Stephens1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 6:06AM 08/09/22

Famous Toastery, the 25-plus-unit better breakfast, brunch and lunch franchise, is known for its locally famous franchisees who not only provide uncompromisingly fresh and decadent meals but also a hub for friends, families and neighbors to come together. Recently, Famous Toastery set out to incentivize veterans to become part of that franchisee family by rolling out a veteran-only 50% discount on its franchise fee of $45,000.

“We feel that now is the time to support our veterans as a team,” said Famous Toastery President Michael Mabry. “In today’s global climate, we need to recognize those men and women who volunteer to put their lives on the line for our freedom, no matter our beliefs. When those men and women get back out into the workplace, we want to give them an opportunity to follow their passions.”

America is home to 19 million military veterans, an alarming 6.5% of whom are unemployed. The military encourages a lifestyle of honor, courage and service, which can, unfortunately, be the opposite of many modern work environments. Many veterans — particularly those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders — may find it jarring when trying to relate to civilian coworkers or finding fulfilling work post-service.

“Franchising, in general, has always been a great fit for veterans because it comes with a playbook, and military life is about following playbooks and executing a mission,” said Mabry. “The military requires exceptional leadership, grit and the ability to execute on a playbook. That is very much like running a franchise. We provide our franchisees with an in-depth playbook, operations manual, support and proven business model to ensure they have a path to success.”

Perhaps even more important, Mabry says, is the emphasis on community that Famous Toastery encourages amongst its franchisees. 

“The military community is a strong one; they are brothers and sisters for life,” he said. “That is why veterans make a perfect fit for Famous Toastery — they are used to being part of something bigger than themselves and giving back to their communities. Our franchisees are encouraged to Be Famous in their local communities, and our veterans deserve to be famous.”

And in a world where everyone is trying to connect following the pandemic, the demand for community-driven and excellently-executed restaurant experiences is stronger than ever. Famous Toastery prides itself on providing a consumer offering that stands out from the competition. The brand’s Famously Fresh, made-to-order menu items continue to impress, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch-goers with delightful meals and exceptional specials. Beyond the food, the brand’s long-standing motto of “Every Server is Your Server” encourages next-level customer service at all locations. 

“We believe this veteran discount is our small way of giving back,” said Famous Toastery's VP of Franchise Development Eric Gustafsson. “I come from a family of veterans, and I know how selfless they are for serving our country. As a brand, we believe we are called to serve our communities, just like veterans are called to serve the country. We do this in the way we treat our franchisees, employees and guests. That is why our franchise can be such a natural fit for veterans.”

As the Famous Toastery team aims to reach its goal of 50 units by 2024, Mabry says he is excited to work with the veteran community as much as possible. 

“We want to offer a profound and sincere thank you to all those who serve and have served,” he said. “We believe Famous Toastery franchise ownership can be a great option for veterans looking for their next adventure. We are happy to roll out this incentive program to encourage more veterans to join the Famous Toastery family.”

The cost to open a Famous Toastery franchise ranges from $575,500 to $999,500 including a franchise fee starting at $45,000. To learn about franchising opportunities, please visit