Famous Toastery Continues Innovating in the Better Breakfast Space with New Drink Menu and Wine Pairings
Famous Toastery Continues Innovating in the Better Breakfast Space with New Drink Menu and Wine Pairings

As demand in the industry climbs, the rapidly growing franchise concept is taking its menu to the next level.

When it comes to better breakfast, there’s one brand that stands out as a clear leader and innovator: Famous Toastery.

Founded in 2005 in North Carolina, the brand has positioned itself at the forefront of an increasingly in demand industry. Between its fresh ingredients that are made into meals every single day and its commitment to exceptional customer service, Famous Toastery has redefined what it means to offer the best breakfast, lunch and brunch menus. And now, as brunch continues to become more popular among consumers, the brand is keeping up with its tradition of taking its menu to the next level.

Famous Toastery recently introduced an updated drink menu for its guests. From classic beverages like Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and Peach Bellinis to more adventurous options like Champagne Punch, a Rumosa and Toasty Hound made with Gold Star Vodka and grapefruit juice, there’s something for everyone on the brand’s new drink menu. And the drinks are also designed to give back—Famous Toastery chose to use Gold Star Vodka in its recipes for a reason.

Like Famous Toastery, Gold Star Vodka is a values-based brand that goes above and beyond to support charitable causes. Because it’s owned by Veterans, giving back to the U.S. military is especially important to its structure. In fact, $2 from the sale of every bottle is donated to families who lost a loved one while serving in the armed forces or to Veterans who are in need of support after returning from duty with physical or emotional scars. That’s why Famous Toastery ultimately decided to use Gold Star Vodka over other brands when crafting its new drink menu—it’s another way to give back to the community.

“Giving back to those in need is a major part of the Famous Toastery brand. We’re proud to serve Gold Star Vodka in an effort to support members of the U.S. military and their families. And because brunch is more popular than it has ever been before, we’re confident that this new drink menu will aide in our efforts to give back,” said Robert Maynard, founder and CEO of Famous Toastery.

In addition to adding new cocktails to its better breakfast menu, Famous Toastery also added a selection of specialty coffees to its lineup, including traditional Irish Coffee, a Tennessee Espresso that’s made with whiskey, espresso and milk and the Coffee Break, which is mixed with brandy, coffee liqueur, coffee and whipped cream.

“More and more families and friends are making brunch a part of their weekly routines, and they’re looking to enjoy a delicious drink while they dine. That’s why we decided to stay ahead of the curve and roll out a brand-new drink menu. Famous Toastery’s entire system is designed to provide both consumers and business owners with what they want, and we’re confident that our new offerings will add to our long list of competitive advantages,” Maynard said.

Cocktails and coffee aren’t the only drinks changing at Famous Toastery—the brand also updated its wine menu and pairing options. Guests who prefer white wine, for example, can order a class of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio from Della Venezie, Italy that pairs well with Famous Toastery’s Runner Omlet and California Salad or William Hill Chardonnay from Central Coast, California that complements the flavors of an Omelet with avocado and a cobb salad. For fans of red wine, on the other hand, Famous Toastery recommends pairing Prophecy Pinot Noir from California with an MBS Omelet or Grilled Chicken Wrap, and a glass of Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon from California with its Spinach Bacon and Bleu Wrap or Corned Beef Hash and Sausage or Bacon.

“Of course, our wine selection can work with our entire menu. But we want to go above and beyond to help our guests order the best possible meal, so we revamped our pairing selections,” said Maynard. “We’ve received nothing but positive feedback since introducing the new selections, which tells us that we’re doing something right. That’s why menu innovation is such an essential part of the Famous Toastery brand—customers know that they’ll be able to try something new when they sit down at one of our tables.”

Beyond being attractive to consumers, Famous Toastery’s updated drink menu is also helping its franchisees. By being able to tap into rising brunch demand in their local communities, the brand’s owners are able to expand their reach as business owners and boost their bottom lines.

“Setting our franchisees up for success is our top priority. Beyond providing them with comprehensive training and support from a corporate standpoint, we also want to ensure that they’re able to bring in a steady stream of customers. That’s exactly what our updated drink menu is designed to do,” Maynard said. “As we continue updating our menu and innovating in the better breakfast space, we’re looking forward to seeing our franchisees grow.”