Famous Toastery Continues to Outshine the Competition as Demand for Better Breakfast Climbs
Famous Toastery Continues to Outshine the Competition as Demand for Better Breakfast Climbs

With a commitment to quality food and superior customer service, the brand stands out to consumers and business owners alike.

Demand in the better breakfast segment of the restaurant industry is at an all-time high. Consumers across the country are making time in their busy schedules for the most important meal of the day—according to the market research firm NPD, breakfast consumption both in and outside of the home will grow by five percent through 2019. And as demand for top tier breakfast and brunch food continues to climb, there’s one brand that has positioned itself as the one to beat in the industry: Famous Toastery.

Founded in 2005, Famous Toastery has a long history of raising the bar when it comes to quality food and customer experience. That’s what makes the brand stand out from the crowd—Famous Toastery goes above and beyond to give its customers what they want. Every recipe that the brand serves is made with fresh ingredients, with meals being made in-house every single day. Famous Toastery even flies fresh lobster to its dozens of locations every morning to ensure that its high standards for quality are met. And when consumers are dining at the brand’s restaurants, they don’t need to worry about tracking down one specific server. Famous Toastery operates under the belief that “Every Server is Your Server,” giving the brand a family friendly atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else.

“The positive atmosphere that’s found at all of Famous Toastery’s locations is what ultimately inspired me to open up my own location. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve had tons of breakfast meetings at major breakfast chains. And it’s always more of the same mediocre food and service. That’s where Famous Toastery stands out,” said Jim Buchanan, one of Famous Toastery’s franchisees in North Carolina. “Everything on our menu is delicious and served with a smile. We’ve created something different and unique, and it’s really catching on with consumers.”

Consumers aren’t the only ones attracted to Famous Toastery’s unique positioning within the booming better breakfast segment. Franchisees are also signing on to open up their own restaurants at rapid rates, setting the brand up for a record breaking year in terms of franchise development. With its sights set on development in key target markets like Alabama, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee, Famous Toastery is planning to expand its reach across the Southeast.  

“It’s a great time to be a part of the Famous Toastery brand. We’re building on strong momentum as the better breakfast leaders, and we’re excited to open up our doors in new communities over the course of the next year,” said Robert Maynard, Famous Toastery’s founder and CEO. “We’ve proven that our business model works time and time again. Our main goal is to see our franchisees succeed, which is why we guide them through the opening process every step of the way.”

Famous Toastery offers its franchisees strong support from the moment they sign their development agreement. From site selection and construction to local marketing efforts and grand openings, the brand’s system is designed to set its franchisees up for success. And with an affordable initial investment that ranges from $421,000 to $1,085,080, including a $65,000 franchise fee, Famous Toastery also ensures that its opportunity is accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“We don’t want to be just another breakfast chain. We’re constantly working to make sure that our model is different from every other concept out there in order to continue bringing in new customers and business owners,” said Maynard. “Demand for better breakfast isn’t going away anytime soon. That’s why we’re 100 percent committed to enhancing Famous Toastery’s model and growing in new communities with the help of our local owners.”