Famous Toastery is Leading the Pack in Brunch Trends
Famous Toastery is Leading the Pack in Brunch Trends

As food trends constantly evolve, Famous Toastery has proven that they're ready to satiate the brunch-goer's appetite.

With a new year comes new opportunity for the restaurant industry to woo diners. Trends constantly evolve, and it’s critical to offer a variety of options aligned with what customers are currently craving in order to stay relevant. But at the same time, it’s important to also maintain your ability to produce the classic favorites.

As one of the fastest growing categories within the fast casual and full service restaurant industry, many have their eye on breakfast to see what the experts will come up with next. Famous Toastery CEO Robert Maynard shared a couple of the leading breakfast trends going into 2016 and how his team plans to meet consumer demand.

“Natural ingredients and minimally processed food is not new, but it’s a trend that we’re now seeing demand for in the breakfast category specifically,” said Maynard. “If you take a look at most of the breakfast options out there you still have a lot of the greasy spoon, and with a continued focus on eating cleaner and healthier, consumers are looking for better options not only for lunch and dinner, but breakfast too.”

Famous Toastery prides itself on locally sourcing produce and preparing all food in-house, every day. No detail is too inconsequential—from hand cutting their potatoes to going the extra mile by providing high quality ingredients for regular and specialty breakfast items, Famous Toastery puts the utmost care in every step. “Some of our latest menu items, for example, have lobster as a base, and we’re flying it in fresh every single day,” Maynard said. “We have a tremendous following of loyal and regular customers, and I believe a big part of that is the confidence people have in where our food is coming from.”

While not necessarily new to the scene, Maynard says another trend that’s new in terms of the level of demand—especially for breakfast— are ethnic inspired foods. “We will always offer the traditional American favorites, but our chef is constantly experimenting so that we can offer new flavors too. Mostly in our omelets for breakfast, customers can find a variety of ethnic flavors like Greek and Latin inspired dishes with fresh ingredients that offer authenticity,” he said.

Finally, Maynard says the biggest trend Famous Toastery will continue to ride the wave of is brunch. “Brunch is a big thing. It’s not just a meal, it’s a social event and it’s exploding in popularity across the country,” Maynard said. “In 2016 I think we’ll see not only friends enjoying brunch together, but a transition, for example, from business lunches to brunches and family events like baby or wedding showers being celebrated with brunch instead of lunch.”

Famous Toastery not only offers a wide variety of menu items covering both the sweet and savory spectrum, but will release a new artisan cocktail menu in 2016, specifically to accommodate the brunch crowd.

As the nation’s only better breakfast franchise, Famous Toastery is prepared to accommodate the growing consumer demand for better, chef inspired and healthier breakfast and brunch options in 2016.